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LA Progressive: September 7 to 13, 2009 -- Tables of Contents

OpedNews Journalist and Six Protesters Arrested At “Army Experience Center” in Philadelphia. Six members of various anti-war groups were arrested today at a protest organized to shut down The Army Experience Center, located in Franklin Mills Mall. -Linda Milazzo


UK Perspective: Where Have You Gone Teddy, Tip, and Ronnie? President Obama presented a strong hybrid speech last night. He reached out to Republicans who clearly will not vote for it, encouraged Democrats to grow a spine, and went back to his community organising sharp elbowed Chicago political style. -Denis Campbell

Turning Hoes into Housewives. Tattered and fractured relationships have so become the norm, that we have placed conventional labels on these incredibly conditional.arrangements. -K. Danielle Edwards

To Escalate the Escalation? The debate rages among experts on whether to escalate the escalation of Barack Obama’s “war of necessity” in Afghanistan—seemingly oblivious to American public opinion at home that has turned against waging the conflict at all. -Ivan Eland

Healthcare Reform Is America’s Anti-Theft Device. If healthcare reform is to succeed, its proponents must reframe the issue as one of nationwide criminality. The current health insurance system is a recurring act of national theft. -David A. Love

Obama Didn’t Deliver for Progressives, But Paved Way For Success. The Obama Administration knows that the final health care bill won’t get a single Republican vote – and is preparing to make it possible to pass a public option. But it will only become a reality if progressives focus like a laser beam in order to make that happen. -Paul Hogarth

The Final Sprint for Health Care Has Now Begun, and Where the White House Is Placing Its Bets. Obama’s Wednesday night speech reassured the Democratic base that the President is deeply committed to getting universal coverage. But the speech also made clear that the White House has decided to side with the Senate Finance Committee and against the Democratic base on the details. -Robert Reich

Remembering 9-11. It was June 2001 and I was the proud mother of a soon-to-be Vassar College graduate. My mother and I flew from Los Angeles to New York to attend the graduation and to visit -Sharon Kyle

The Phoenix Program Was a Disaster in Vietnam and Would Be in Afghanistan — And the New York Times Should Know That. K. Barton Osborne, a military intelligence specialist told Congress that he witnessed acts of torture including the prodding of a person’s brain with a six inch dowel through his ear, and that in his year and a half with Phoenix, “not a single suspect survived interrogation.” -Jeremy Kuzmarov

The Nativists Behind the Man Who Called Obama a Liar. Joe Wilson’s “you lie” outburst was certainly out of line, but his indefensible fit of temper was illustrative of a larger discussion taking place amongst HIRC members and anti-immigrant groups who see the health care debate as yet another opportunity to promote their nativist agenda by advancing illogical fears, misplaced anger, and calculated misinformation. -Andrea Christina Nill

Just Another Joe Wilson to Love. Joe Wilson may not necessarily be the Evil Twin of Plame’s husband. But he indeed is the newly crowned, self-appointed hero of the politically deranged. -Mary Lyon

GOP: The Death Party. The GOP Death Party will plunge along until it dies an unnatural death, or they run out of Death phrases, whichever comes first. The death team of Death Writers in the Pie like Frank Luntz, are furiously writing 24/7. Maybe some of them will come to the realization their work is a dead end and a nation killer. -Jerry Drucker

Labor Day, 2009: Picnics, Parades, and a Pinch of Protest. We are in a situation in America where the working class, and in particular the union working class, has shrunk to the lowest point its ever been, and this is the reality we are going to have to face in a global economy…We’re talking about a Global Labor Movement and that’s the only way American workers are going to survive. -Gene Rothman

What Still Ails America. Leave it to President Obama to wrap up his speech about health care reform in a brief examination of the American character. True. For the love of God, somebody has to say something. Obama, however, did not see America the Mean. -Mary Lyon


Joe Wilson Shouts “You Lie”. On September 9, 2009 while President Barack Obama was addressing congress, Rep. Joe Wilson yelled, “you lie” as the president discussed what was in or not in the healthcare reform bill. –Sharon Kyle

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Recommended Articles

Black Episcopal Congregation Celebrates Lesbian Marriage. These multiple family structures, which we have had to devise as models of resistance and liberation, have always shown the rest of society what really constitutes family. -Rev. Irene Monroe

Glenn Beck vs. Van Jones: McCarthyism Enters the 21st Century. What Glenn Beck, Roger Ailes, and their allies did in drumming Van Jones out of the government was an example of 21st century McCarthyism. They smeared Jones’ past political remarks and associations the same way Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn smeared a young Boston lawyer named Fred Fisher for being a member of the National Lawyers Guild. -Joseph Palermo

Is Obama Too Cerebral? If the cool and cerebral Obama is to bring about meaningful health care reform, he may need to demonstrate a wisdom that includes a healthy dose of Ted-Kennedy-like passion. -Walter G. Moss

The Snowe Job, and Why a “Trigger” for a Public Option is Nonsense. The best way to give Blue Dogs cover is for the President to explain clearly and boldly why the public option is essential to health care reform, and why he’s ready to veto any bill that doesn’t include it. -Robert Reich

Slaveship Down: The Silver Wire. Silhouetted by the bright rays of the source of all life was an angular, wooden structure that was well known to the rabbits in the warren, for it was from there that the Two-Legged Creatures came. It had always been there, they thought, a comforting constant, like the wood or the sky, or the warren itself. -Jonathan David Farley

Obama’s Last Chance on Health Care. Obama’s desire to find a common ground was part of his attraction. This is not what most progressives find troubling. Rather, it is Obama’s reluctance to use the vast powers of the presidency to drive the enactment of his top domestic priority that many of his longtime supporters simply cannot understand. -Randy Shaw

Who’s a Nazi? It occurred to me that calling somebody you dislike a “Nazi,” especially when they (or their programs) clearly are not, is a pretty Nazi thing to do. -Robert Illes

So Is Health Care for All Really Un-American? Whatever the merits of recent objections to the public option, it is simply untrue that the plan is un-American. We have only to turn to our founding generations to see that government provision for the sick is health care in the American grain. -Ben Mutschler

The Lessons from History on Health Care Reform. The ideal of universal care has revolved around two poles. In the 1930s, liberals imagined a universal right to health care tied to compulsory insurance, like Social Security. Johnson based Medicare on this idea, and it survives today as the “single-payer model” of universal health care, or “Medicare for all.” The alternative proposal, starting with Eisenhower, was to create a market for health care based on private insurers and employers. -Robert Reich

The Two-Nation Solution. So, let’s just formalize what we already have and give those states that collectively want to spend money on health care, education, and general quality of life the opportunity to utilize their chosen federal government to enact such provisions legislatively. -Ron Wolff

Van Jones, Man on a Mission. Van Jones is one of the founders of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, a non-profit organization based in Oakland, CA. Before Van Jones joined the Obama Administration, he was one of the founders of The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, an organization that started as a vehicle for the fight for fair treatment by the police but broadened its reach to human rights for all. -Sharon Kyle

Louisiana Senator Says Health Care Reform Will Benefit Undocumented Immigrants Because ‘It Always Does.’ At a town hall meeting in Louisiana, Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) promoted the myth that undocumented immigrants will reap the benefits of health care reform by reasoning that “they always do.” He also proclaimed that what the nation is really facing is an immigration enforcement problem (as opposed to a health care problem) because “a quarter” of the “45 or 48 million” who are uninsured in the US are undocumented immigrants. -Andrea Christina Nill

When Will Obama See Afghanistan’s Daughters as His Own? Congratulations to the White House and Congress: America is now at war in three Middle Eastern nations, on behalf of governments in all three that are weak, unpopular, and corrupt. -Sherwood Ross


The Real News About Jobs and Wages: An Ode to Labor Day. If we’ve learned anything from the Great Recession-Mini Depression of the last 18 months, it’s that the skewing of income and wealth to the top has made our economy far less stable. –Sharon Kyle

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, Out. Will argues that we should take the Iraqi government at its word and wind down our involvement there, as specified in the 2008 security agreement: “The United States should treat this as a Dirty Harry moment: Make our day.” -John Peeler

Obama Swiftboats Van Jones. I’ll expand that to say, the loss of Van Jones is a huge loss for Obama. Obama’s one-time supporters on the Left, who demand accountability, backbone, and honor, are fast jumping ship, as he limply swiftboats away. –Linda Milazzo