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The LA Progressive: April 26 to May 30

100 Days: Is Obama’s Probation Period Over? When the brotha tried to be positive and upbeat, they said he smiled too much during these tough economic times. --Anthony Asadullah Samad


Anti-Immigrant Hysterics’ Swine Flu Blame-Game Generates Blowback. Any long-term solution at the U.S. border must include reforming immigration-and a great majority of the American people agree. --Andrea Christina Nill

When Swine Flu Hits South Los Angeles. If you live in LA, about the only you can do is sit back and wait for it to hit and say a prayer, chant, or whatever it is that you do. --Jasmyne Cannick

Occidental Petroleum and Death in Arauca. Oxy must decide whether to put higher value on profit or human life; the rest of us need to ask about the cost of energy measured in people’s blood. --Diane Lefer

Forget About Obama’s 100 Days, What About Ours? It’s time to stop waiting for hope to be handed down, and start pushing it up, from the hoperoots. --John Delloro

Reflections on May Day. Alex Sanchez of Homies Unidos and Janis Rosheuvel of Families for Freedom discuss the nation's immigration policy and the May Day protests in Los Angeles.--Sharon Kyle

Myopia Meltdown. I am fluent in the looks and language of prejudice, discomfort, xenophobia and under-exposure. --K. Danielle Edwards

The Hush-Hush Story: Why They Tortured. The suggestion that Bush Administration used torture to back up claims that Iraq was linked to 911 justifies creating a special commission. --Carl Bloice

100,000 Civilians at Risk of Attack in Congo. For us to turn our backs on the Congolese people is a moral failing with profound consequences for humanity. --Georgianne Nienaber

When Queer Communities of Color Are Not Needed to Win Marriage Rights. If Marriage Equality pushed white states first to avoid communities of color, it would be ignoring vital ways for coalition-building. --Rev. Irene Monroe

What the Specter Switch Ultimately Means. The Man of the Hour moved the Swine Flu and former GOP sister Susan "we don't need no stinking epidemic funding" Collins off the breaking news watch. --Mary Lyon

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What About Michelle’s First Hundred Days? Many Americans are waiting for this smart, professional, career woman to launch her cause--but doing so in the first 100 days may have backfired. --Stacy A. Cordery

Will Americans Have a Say in the Corporations We Now Own. The $45 billion we've sent to the Bank of America should give the public some say over whether Mr. Lewis remains in his job. --Robert Reich

Activists, Reformers Now Control State Democratic Party. Politicians must adapt to this change, and it’s clear some of them – like John Garamendi – still don’t get it. --Paul Hogarth

Specter Dumps GOP; Few Rats Remain on Sinking GOP Ship.As President Obama told him when he phoned Specter to contraulate him on the move, “We are thrilled to have you.” --Charley James

From the California State Democratic Convention in Sacramento. There was quite a bit of conflict among the delegates regarding the wisdom of betting the state's future on goofy ballot measures like Prop 1A. --Joseph Palermo

Why Do So Many School of the Americas Grads Become Latin Death Squad Killers? It’s a curious society that imprisons pacifists for trespass on military property where murder and torture allegedly are being taught. --Sherwood Ross

Torture: It’s Perfectly Legal — But We Don’t Do It. But these statements from Bush and other former officials are simply lies to cover up what they know was a criminal act. --Joseph Palermo

Antonio and the Fine Art of Political Seduction. "Antonio is a great guy with great potential," a prominent Valley business leader told me. "It's tragic for the city that he's done so little with it." --Ron Kaye

How Obama Can Succeed in the Next Hundred Days and Beyond. Obama is the serene center of the cyclone - exuding calm when most Americans are petrified about paying the monthly bills. --Robert Reich

Mary Chapin Carpenter Returns to the Stage and Talks about Eudora Welty, Inspiration, and Bonding. Four strong, talented women gathered in tribute to a woman who was a powerhouse of literary ability. In the gathering, they found friendship. --Georgianne Nienaber

Hearing Each Other, Healing the Earth. Whichever religious tradition I study, I find that the heart of it is the idea of feeling with the other, experiencing with the other, compassion. --Gene Rothman