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This Week in the LA Progressive: February 22 to February 28

T. D. Jakes

T. D. Jakes

Obama's Budget

Finally, A Progressive Budget. This Mini Depression is partly the result of a widening gap between what Americans can afford to buy and what Americans when fully employed can produce. --Robert Reich

Obama’s Goal: Halving the Budget Deficit by 2012. Really?Halving the budget deficit by 2012 is a nice goal but it has little to do with the economic challenge we now face. --Robert Reich

Foreclosure Fantasy Folderol.Obama stepped into a cesspit that war profiteers and orgy traders created and ended the party. He is the responsible adult walking into an teenage party. --Denis Campbell

Equal Treatment, Equal Opportunity

The Lowdown on Black Ministers Living on the Down Low: Son’s Arrest Raises Questions about Bishop T.D. Jakes’s Sexuality. When preachers pontificate about the sins of homosexual sex, they need to be careful of what they say; their words invariably will back to bite them. --Rev. Irene Monroe

New York Post “Chimp” Cartoon — Incendiary Satire Has a Dangerous Past. The New York Post issued a “sideways” explanation (I really wouldn’t call it an apology) on a highly incendiary political cartoon it ran on February 18th. --Anthony Asadullah Samad

Color-Blind, Power-Oblivious: Eric Holder and the Whitewashing of Racism. It was all too predictable that Attorney General Eric Holder would be attacked for his recent remarks about race in America. --Tim Wise

The Disloyal Opposition

Neo-Confederacy Erupts with Governors’ Rejection of Stimulus Money.Southern Republican Governors are making noises about refusing federal stimulus dollars, reminiscent of earlier Southern governors who stood for states' rights. --Joseph Palermo

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Recommended Articles

Obama Reaches the Bleechers. Jindal? Off the Fists. If the night of Obama’s first major speech to Congress proved anything, it confirmed that America chose the better of two directions last November. --Mary Lyon

Obama Finds Pony: Sets Forth Plans on Healthcare, Alternative Energy, Education. While Obama was setting goals on healthcare, alternative energy, and education, the opposition party talked tthe same issues that got us to where we are today. --Denis Campbell

GOP Chair Michael Steele Reaches Out to Hip-Hop Community for Hipper Supporters.As the GOP drifts aimlessly, any port in a storm might seem opportunistic. May they have as much success as they did with Sarah Palin. --Carl Matthes

War and Peace

Obama’s Policy on Civil Liberties: Bush Lite?Obama should be given a chance to do the right thing. Although better than the lawless Bush administration, the new boss unsurprisingly resembles the old boss. --Ivan Eland

Corruption Touched CIA’s Covert Operations. Some of CIA's sensitive air operations were swept up in a fraud conspiracy that reached the highest levels of the CIA and cost the government $40 million. --Marcus Stern

War Criminals, Including Their Lawyers, Must Be Prosecuted. When the US ratified the Convention Against Torture, we promised to extradite or prosecute those who commit, or are complicit in the commission, of torture. --Marjorie Cohn

California's Woeful Budget Process

Ensure Stimulus Funds Reach the CSU System. Funds invested in the CSU will have a wide-reaching impact and stimulate the economies of all regions of the state where CSU campuses are located. --Lillian Taiz

Ending the Annual Budget Impasse Ritual. Redirecting a budget impasse to the people provides a way to ensure there will always be a budget while still protecting the rights of the minority. --Richard M. Matthews

Your Homework

A Dozen Books That Tell Americans Like It Is. Here are books Americans need to read as they paint a realistic picture of how our government’s policies are inflicting needless suffering at home and globally. --Sherwood Ross