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This Week in The LA Progressive: March 15 to 21, 2009

Averting the Greater Depression


The Rich Countries’ Faltering “United Front.” During the 1930s, Europe and the U.S. were also unable to agree on a common strategy, which led to a worldwide trade war and the plunge into depression. --Carl Bloice

Economic Recovery Will Be More than Trusting President Obama’s Stimulus Plan.
But then, this economic recovery is really not about this President. It’s about the last one and the greed that now seeks to rape the stimulus plan. --Anthony Asadullah Samad

In the Wake of AIG: Obama’s First Priority. The Wall Street bailout is starting to look like the most expensive tax-supported fiasco in history. --Robert Reich

Another $8 Billion Or So on the Line for AIG. AIG remains on the hook for up to $11 billion as a result of financial misadventures by its financial products operation in London. --Sharona Coutts

The Real Scandal of AIG. Even at this late date, even in a new administration dedicated to doing it all differently, we still have so little say over what is happening with our money. --Robert Reich

“Where’s My Million Dollars?” Swindled Senior Asks. Jason borrowed on his credit cards to raise the money he sent to those that swindled him. It will take him years to pay off his debt. --Sherwood Ross

Social Justice

Please Don’t Feed the Prison Monster. At its best, America's justice system is inherently flawed, unjust, and unreliable, and little better than its worst. --David A. Love

Detainee Rights: Make a Clean Break. Candidate Obama was right when he pointed out that violations of international law & the Constitution in the name of keeping us secure posed a false dichotomy. --John Peeler

Pope: “Jesus Didn’t Die on the Cross.” The Catholic world is in upheaval after an announcement today by Bishop Richard Williamson and Pope Benedict that Jesus did not in fact die on the cross. --Jonathan David Farley

Equal Opportunity

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Recommended Articles

Crimson and Clover: What’s Wrong with the Irish?The English never enslaved the Irish; but merely to end the offense of having their nation occupied by foreigners, the Irish were willing to go through hell. --Jonathan David Farley

Irish and Black Americans: Have the Parallel Lines Finally Met?
On St. Patrick’s Day, it is inspiring to look back on the way the Irish-American and African-American stories have coursed on parallel lines –Thomas Fleming

Media Matters

Crimson and Clover What is Wrong with the Irish

Cheney, Rove, and Fleischer and the Importance of Net Neutrality. Without some fundamental changes to our media environment the Cheneys and Roves and Fleischers (or their trained cadres) will be back in power. --Joseph Palermo

Republican Dinosaurs Cling to Power. Shut out of the presidency and the U.S. House of Representatives, the G.O.P. clings to the only thing they control: 41 seats in the United. Paul Hogarth

Blue Dog Democrats and Republican Triangulation
. The rot from within the Republican Party doesn't mean Republicans can't still win elections. They know how to drive up the "negatives" of their opponents. --Joseph Palermo

To Tweet or To Twit. Come to a half day media summit and learn social networking as well as other valuable ways to use the new media. --Sharon Kyle

Getting Ready for Our “Local Media for Social Change: A Southern California Regional Summit.” We hope to see you at the event and at our two-part breakout session. -– Dick Price & Sharon Kyle
Calling the Bush-Cheney Cabal to Account

Hypocrisy in Government. Hypocrisy in government is nothing new and is certainly not more prevalent in one party or the other. There just seems to be a lot of it around lately. --Ivan Eland

What Doesn’t Surprise Me Is That Cheney’s Death Squads Don’t Surprise Me – Or Anyone Else.
So waterboarding? Eavesdropping? Death squads? Almost daily, new sordid information about back stage at the Bush White House slowly drips out - like blood. --Robert Illes

A 9/11 Reformer’s Final Plea for Justice in Washington. “Having a president who is willing to meet ordinary citizens like us and make himself available for questioning...made me very proud to be an American.” --Anthony Toth

Do Democrats Have a Plan for California?
Can Brown, Garamendi, Newsom, or Villargaigosa fill the leadership gap for the Democrats? Or must California’s grassroots progressives take charge themselves, --Randy Shaw

New Voices

Who Won the Civil War? Instead of defending me against such vitriol or remaining silent, my own university, Vanderbilt, joined in on the attack. --Jonathan David Farley

Construction Industry Fails to Insure Workers, Even in Boom Times. The study released today found that construction workers are more likely than workers in any other industry statewide to be chronically uninsured. --Susan Duerksen

Rite Aid and the Failure of Labor Law.
With Obama in the White House and a larger Democratic majority in Congress, employers and their errand boys are fighting the Employee Free Choice Act harder. --David Bacon