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This Week in the LA Progressive: March 2 to 8



  • Obama Rescuing Capitalism: That’s a Lot of Weight for One Brother. Obama is present at the re-creation of the global economic system. “It is a challenge he has to take up,” Like I said, that’s a lot of weight. --Carl Bloice
  • A Nation of Tax-Evaders. The furor over the non-payment of taxes by recent nominees for public office should not obscure the deeper truth that we have become a nation of tax-evaders. --Lawrence S. Wittner
  • With Obama, It’s 1935 All Over Again. I wonder how many readers really expected President Obama to so quickly and aggressively promote such huge new domestic programs and spending increases. --Randy Shaw

Prop Hate

  • Court Should Strike Down Proposition 8. The Court should strike down Prop 8. Same sex marriage has the protection of Article 1 and, like other inalienable rights, cannot be taken away by a popular vote -–Jerry Brown

War & Peace

  • Erasing Red Ink: Slash the Defense Budget.Obama has a tough row to hoe to equal his Democratic compatriots Carter and Clinton at deficit reduction; he must start with big cuts in the defense budget. --Ivan Eland
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  • Return to Mexico City - Growth of a Nation. The ESPN special, “Return to Mexico City ” is a thorough retrospective on the legacies of Tommie Smith and John Carlos. --H. Scott Prosterman
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Regardless to the manner in which African Americans conduct themselves, the New York Post’s actions are not in the least bit acceptable or justifiable. --H. Lewis Smith

Political Skulduggery

  • Memos Provide Blueprint for Police State. Seven newly released memos from the Bush Justice Department reveal a concerted strategy to cloak the President with power to override the Constitution. --Marjorie Cohn