The Accented Silence of Tibi Ellis

sharron angle tibi evans“I took up our servants’ cause and informed my parents that in following their Christian teaching and their experiences in The United States with the civil rights movement if they didn’t allow the servants to eat with us, then I would eat in the kitchen with the servants.”- Tibi Ellis Nevada GOP Hispanic Caucus Chair

Sharron Angle’ understands the demographics of the voters in Nevada. Like many GOP candidates in the west and other areas Angle can’t afford to get less than 25% of Latino voters to pull for her. Unfortunately for Angle she is part of the GOP.

A recent ad scandal highlights the humongous obstacle facing Angle and others as they try to reach out to Latino voters while keeping Tea party activists in line. Angle recently unleashed a vicious and racist anti-immigrant ad attacking Senator Reid for supporting immigrants. The imagery used of scary people at a fence alongside a Latino construction worker as the voice over claims that “illegal aliens” put “Americans” jobs at risk is being criticized nationwide. In fact the chair of Nevada’s Republican Hispanic Caucus, and Hispanic Angle lure, Tibi Ellis has condemned the ad.

The ad is reminiscent of many anti-immigrant ads that have moved Latino voters from the GOP into the arms of waiting Democratic candidates. But unlike other politicians who in the past have unsuccessfully tried to scapegoat immigrants to get elected the Angle /Tibi partnership is different. Here you have Angle using Tibi Ellis as bait for Latino voters and Tibi happily making room at our community’s table for a hatemonger. It is notable that when Tibi Ellis was questioned about the ad she had already seen it, and formed an opinion, yet had not spoken up about it. The reasoning for Angle to scapegoat Latino immigrants through one side of her face and kissing their cheeks from the other side while cynical and manipulative are clear. The reasoning of Tibi Ellis and other Latino Republican leaders who support Angle is not.

The question for Ellis, and other Latino GOP elected and community leaders, is why are you bringing hate into the homes of Nevada Latinos? Ellis admittedly knows that political hate speech, such as displayed in the Angle ad, is not only despicable but also has led to a rise in hate crimes against our community. Yet Ellis has not condemned the ad in an English language venue and only condemned the ad when relentlessly questioned by listeners on a Spanish language talk show. However even though Eillis’s new political boss, Sharron Angle, has gagged her the Republican Hispanic leader’s silence speaks loudly. The decision to put party over community is made clear as the silenced Ellis’s continued support of Angle screams from the political rooftops.

In her shamelessly glowing autobiography “I Am the American Dream…with an Accent” Ellis says that as a child she questioned her parents for not wanting to eat with their domestic servants in Caracas. According to Ellis she threatened to only eat in the kitchen if her parents continued to ban their servants from the dining room. Yet now the supposedly mature Tibi Ellis has decided that Latino immigrants should be shunned from her table to make room for Sharron Angle’s voracious political appetite.

Tibi Ellis and Nevada GOP Hispanic leaders must abandon their non-principled, solely partisan, support for Angle. While the current campaign may seem alluring the long term impact for their credibility is devastating. The limited yet long suffering patience of Latino voters is only surpassed by their political memories and Tibi Ellis and her cohorts may soon find themselves without a place to eat.

Mario Solis-Marich

Mario Solis-Marich is a radio talk show host who can be heard on AM 760 in Denver and world wide at

Crossposted with the author’s permission from Huffington Post.


  1. Joshua says

    Why is wanting immigration law enforced racist? It applies to all ILLEGAL immigrants, the one metric used is, if the person entered here legaly or not.

    Yet the Left will have you believe that any attempt to enforce Immigration law is an attack on “Brown People”. Is the Left saying that Caucasians and Asians don’t enter this country illegally (which is false) , that only “Brown people” break one of our fundemental Laws(which is false)? I could use a “red herring” argument and call them the racists for accusing people of color of being inate law breakers(which is false), but that would be just as vacuous as their argument.

    The Left wants as many poor and unedjucated voters (the worse off the better) “added” to the system, that they can nurse at the “teet” of a welfare state, so they will never lose an election again. Those stupid middle class voters keep voting them out of office before they can usher in their Communist Utopia that they have been planning since their college days, THUS they (the Voters) need to be replaced by more pliable people who have “nothing to lose but their chains.”, to make their delusional dreams a reality.

  2. Annette says

    Illegal aliens that break into this country put Americans at risk. They take jobs from American workers and degrade our economy. It’s not just farm labor jobs that illegal aliens take. They also work in construction and other fields that should pay well but that no longer do because illegal aliens are willing to work for less than minimum wage, and contractors are happy to not be paying FICA social security, workers compensation and other taxes they would have to pay if they were hiring legally. Illegal aliens even degrade job opportunities for Hispanic immigrants.

    But what do liberals do with these facts? They claim that stating them in and ad is “bringing hate” into our homes. And of course the left denies these facts are true. Harry Reid DID vote to give illegal aliens special tax breaks, and to give them social security benefits, even for the time they were here illegally!

    This is why the Democrats are going to lose again this fall. Because liberals can’t have a conversation about the problems of illegal immigration without resorting to name-calling, like saying it’s racist to speak out against illegal immigration. Calling someone racist for identifying a problem belittles true racism, and drives Democrats like me away from our party.

    The ad is not against Latino immigrants, it’s against illegal aliens. Get the difference, Mario? Illegal aliens stealing America’s resources and Mexican drug lords bringing violence here are what cause anti-Mexican sentiment in border states.

    But go ahead and call folks who identify the real problem a bunch of racists. Because I’m one Democrat who won’t vote for Democrats who give our resources away to illegal aliens. And when people like you try to shame us by calling us racist, I realize the only way we’re going to solve this problem is by voting for Republicans instead.

    Keep up the good work, liberals. You’re driving more and more of us moderates back to the Republican Party.

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