Time for the Yellow Dogs to Bite the Blue Dogs

yellow-dogsI am a, tired of watching the spineless so called Blue Dog Democrats bending over for Glenn Beck and the right wingnuts (like Limbost).

I want to know what the hell the Yellow Dogs are doing to put the pressure on the “Blue Dogs.” I am a member of a union, and have been all my employed life; I want to know why the unions and the rest of us who fought for health care as a worker’s right are not in the streets and in the face of the every Blue Dog to tell them to get on the train. Let us face it, the Republicants have never, never, never done anything on a bipartisan basis (for all their bitching and moaning right now and all their high pressured demands for what they want rammed through the US Congress and Senate).

These few insulting back bench hardcore Republicants are never going to sign on to anything. These are Congressional members who are two faced people who will, on one hand, talk about needing bipartisanship, and on the other hand, when asked whether they will break with the right wingnuts – they refuse to commit.

Olympia Snowe is never going to break with her fascist friends; she will never vote for a Democratic proposal no matter what amendments are that the Republicants put in the bill. So forget about her and the Republicants. The Republicants’ job on health care is kill the bill and win the midterm elections!

This country voted overwhelmingly for President Obama. Part of those votes came from the families of the forty million Americans who do not have healthcare insurance.

We now spend $2 trillion a year on health care in America. If we insure every American, we can bring down the amount we spend on second class service. Maybe if we had universal health care we would not have to have such high rates on accident insurance (i.e., healthcare insurance rider) on our homes, cars, boats, rentals and on workers’ compensation. Why is this so hard to understand?

Here is the question of the day: Why are the unions not joining or leading this fight for all workers who do not have health care?

When I look at the silence of the AFL-CIO on this issue, I wonder why they are not in the streets. The hypocrisy of I got mine is something that we as Yellow Dog Democrats should not be putting up with. The so-called Progressives need to remember that progress is the main part of the word.

I have always asked the question: Where are the spines of our leaders? Now I have to ask: Where is the spine of the rank and file? When I see ten thousand crazy fascists in the streets in Washington DC with our President demeaned as Adolf Hitler, I get angry at the silence of our so-called leadership. [The idiots with the signs, of course, have two signs calling the Big O Hitler and another with him as Che Guevara. (Of course what they do not understand is that fascists hate communists – so make up your minds dummies – which is he?)]


Here is my thought on the matter. It is our fight not just the Big O’s. If we leave it to him alone and the few in Congress and the Senate with spine, it will be another hundred years of Blue Cross and Blue Shield and the pharmaceuticals making money and screwing the working class. So my union brothers and sisters mail a copy of your health care coverage to the Blue Dogs and ask them why they will not cover all workers.

Steven J. Ybarra

Steven J. Ybarra JD is a retired civil rights attorney who operates a consultant company in California. He is a member of the California Democratic State Party and is Chair of the Chicano Latino Caucus Voting Rights Committee and a long time political activist. Contact Steven at: sjybarra@aol.com. This article is copyright by Steven J. Ybarra JD, originally published in www.Hispanicvista.com but permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog, or web media if this entire credit paragraph is attached.

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