Top 10 Stories of 2011

The ten most read articles by LA Progressive’s readers in 2011 reflect both the breadth of our coverage and also several special focuses. As you might expect, articles on the GOP endless clown parade garnered considerable attention, as did articles on marriage equality, union organizing, and the faltering, then rallying, then faltering economy.

Our readers’ taste also reflected LA Progressive’s focus on issues surrounding the prison-industrial complex and its affect on Black and Latino men, with three articles making the top 10, including one each from the two of us — “More Black Men Now in Prison System than Enslaved in 1850,” that Dick wrote and the followup article by Sharon, “More Black Men in Prison Than Were Enslaved II.”

Many of the writers who authored top 10 articles are well known to our readers — Robert Reich, Peter Dreier, Tina Dupuy, Carl Matthes, and David Love — while regular contributor Mark Naison is a relative newcomer to our pages and Caitlin Vega and Kivi Niemi broke through with just one groundbreaking article apiece.

dick and sharonIn compiling this list, we included only articles published in 2011. Several articles — including ones on the ever popular Sarah Palin — would have been included, but were published before 2011. Published in 2009, Anthony Samad’s article, “One Year Later: Ten Things President Obama HAS Done Since He’s Been in Office,” also keeps on attracting readers.

Here are the 10 most read articles in LA Progressive published last year.

Dick & Sharon
Editor & Publisher

1. More Black Men Now in Prison System than Enslaved in 1850, by Dick Price — March 27

2. Forget Rick Perry – Mitt Romney Is Perfect for the GOP, by Tina Dupuy — August 15

3. Magic Johnson and AIDS Healthcare Foundation, by Carl Matthes — June 9

4. More Black Men in Prison Than Were Enslaved II, by Sharon Kyle — March 29

madison protest5. Gay Pride, by Kivi Niemi — July 1

6. Why Teach For America Is Not Welcome in My Classroom, by Mark Naison — July 18

7. Glenn Beck’s Attacks on Frances Fox Piven Trigger Death Threats, by Peter Dreier — January 23

8. The Jobs Report, and America’s Two Economies, by Robert Reich — February 5

9. America’s “Shoot ‘Em Up, Lock ‘Em Up” Mentality Is Its Undoing, by David Love — May 13

10. No Unions, No Middle Class, Caitlin Vega — April 21



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