Total Recall: A Cautionary Tale

total recallDedicated to the brave, patriotic true American working citizens of Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and all over the U.S.

Shortly after the Supreme Court put G.W. Bush into the White House in an historic coup, stories leaked out that Enron’s “Kenny Boy” Lay was W’s secret Energy Czar. The U.S. Energy Policy was being privatized in secrecy, created and controlled by the self appointed Vice President Cheney, dividing up the Iraq Oil fields maps among the major Big Oil companies months before 9/11.

It became clear to Gov. Gray Davis early in 2001, California was being ‘gamed’ by the big Texas International energy companies, including Enron, by shutting down power plants, during peak energy periods, allegedly all of them needing repairs. Davis called for conservation measure and Californians responded positively.

“Kenny Boy” Lay, (the nickname given him by G.W. Bush) CEO of Enron, called a secret strategy meeting of prominent California Republicans in the plush Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and former LA Mayor Richard Riordan.

The following bit of conversation is from an anonymous, albeit reliable source at the meeting: Arnold enters the room. He removes the cigar from his mouth and extends his hand as he crosses to “Kenny Boy” Lay.

LAY: “The president said he doesn’t want you crushing my check signing hand, Arnold .”

ARNOLD: “Don’t vorry. Tell the President I vouldn’t harm a hair on your bald head. I save this hand for the young ladies and things of that nature.”

After a forced laughter from a small group of men, Lay gets down to business.

Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante had brought a 9 billion lawsuit against the Texas energy companies, claiming the State of California had been knowingly ‘gamed’ during the State’s power shortages by the Texas based international companies. Although the energy companies knew they could delay the lawsuit for several years, the companies in the end would probably lose the case.

total recallCalifornia’s deficit was $12 Billion and Gov. Gray Davis was upping the driver’s license fee by three times to ease the budget shortage. Lay put forth the idea to the popular action star Schwarzenegger that he could become Governor of California , just like Ronald Reagan. The GOP would supply all the money and expertise that Arnold needed to win the Governorship. Karl Rove will help to fend off all the sexual harassment charges against the action star and Frank Luntz will supply all the right words to bring down Davis .

Arnold was intrigued, but concerned about debates. Not a problem. You will hold only one debate on GOP terms. All debate questions will be presented in advance. It will be a piece of cake for a famous actor. Remember, Arnold , the energy companies will not pay $9 billion to settle the lawsuit. LAY: “We’ll call your campaign TOTAL RECALL, just like your movie.”

The recall election began even though Gov. Davis had been elected just the year before. With most of the money and help from out-of-state, Arnold Schwarzenegger was bought into office. One of Arnold ’s first proposals was to deregulate California ’s energy policy. The new Governor worked closely with the Bush administration and special interests.

Arnold and his administration couldn’t find the State budget fat to cut out that he promised during the election, even after hiring all the GOP out of state experts. The deficit more than doubled to $25 billion under the Terminator.

The Terminator was bought in to help the Texas energy companies and special interests with Arnold delivering by settling the $9 billion lawsuit for 2 cents on the dollar and never touching the rich or corporations to do their fair share.

Jerry DruckerSince the GOP initiated the successful tactic buying a governor by Recall, it’s time for the Republicans to be hoisted by their own petards. (The term is not in the GOP vocabulary) TOTAL RECALL!

Now that the GOP using stealth and lies to buy governors, making them Viceroys to control local city and town politics for the benefit of corporations, use TOTAL RECALL.

If you don’t want plutocracy and the GOP saying goodbye to unions, education, public workers, and we the people, heed the clarion call: TOTAL RECALL

Jerry Drucker


  1. Don Duitz says

    It sounds too spooky to believe, but, the present antics by gop make it more than believable and even a plot born in reality. When will my fellow Americans wake up????

    • Jerry Drucker says

      Thanks Don,

      It’s real and you can confirm by Google re the Republican meeting, May 16, 2001, called by Kenneth Lay at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. I’ve been wondering why Americans haven’t awakened too.


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