Train’s Leaving the Station, Ignore “Big Fat Idiot”

It was a message not directly spoken but heard by all… President Obama met privately with House and Senate Republicans, all without aides, in the Roosevelt Room. Simply said, there’s room on this train for everyone, I want your opinion and help if you offer solutions vs. attack. Make no mistake, it’s leaving the station with or without you. If you want the lunatic fringe to run your party even further into the ground, keep listening to and singing Limbaugh and O’Reilly’s themes of hate and frothing at the mouth. Do that and you become even more irrelevant and divide our nation further.

The Republican Party’s far right wing has been screeching the same divisive themes of the campaign for the three months since the election, egged on by talk radio’s Rush Limbaugh (of Democratic Senate Minnesota hopeful Al Franken book fame: ‘Rush Limbaugh is A Big Fat Idiot’). Said Obama last week to the assembled group of lawmakers: “you can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done.”

Further snippets from the room as parsed by both sides: “there are big things that unify Republicans and Democrats and we shouldn’t let partisan politics derail what are very important things that need to be done.” Then, taking a page from a playbook I wish Harry Reid (Senate Majority Leader) and Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House) would “audible” from every now and then, President Obama, when challenged by a Republican in the room, shot the critic down with the simple phrase, “I won. And I will trump you on that.”

Hallelujah! An acknowledgment that they are no longer the party in control and their entire last eight years has been repudiated soundly and even with a hint of the feeling he actually senses a mandate to move forward. Wow. Finally. A Democrat doing to them, and offering a place for them on the train, what they did to Democrats (who were never even allowed to sit at the table). If I were a moderate Republican trying to right the rails and neutralize the Sarah Palin lunatic fringe wing of my party, I’d ask, “where do I sign up to preserve my party’s standing as a party.”

What I cannot fathom, is the fear omnipresent in Democrats who control a minimum of 58 Senate seats (59 when Coleman loses his battle and Al Franken is seated) and 235 or 59% of the seats in the House. It’s time to flex some legislative muscle and in the words of Larry the Cable Guy… get ‘r done!

Almost 60% of both houses and with several more key Republicans retiring in 2010 in both chambers, why do Democrats walk on eggshells and live in fear of a Gingrich Revolution 1994 repeat? One thing is for certain, keep acting like lambs and letting the right wing-nuts own the newscycle and indeed you will manifest that greatest fear. In other words, follow President Barry, grow a spine, two solid brass – no titanium – ones, start acting like the majority party and stand firm. Just as President Obama urged Republicans to stop listening to Rush, you need also to ignore him and move forward with deliberate haste.

Listen and then move YOUR and OUR agenda forward. Please stop letting the hatemongers all over talk radio and the right wingnut bloggers slow you down. They are playing the same old song to no music, “he’s a Muslim, he’s a fraud, he wasn’t born here so he can’t be President, he did not recite the oath correctly so he is not really President…” blah, blah, blah, hate, hate, hate… just STOP!

Or else you become the big fat idiots for letting an empty bully ‘roll’ you in the Congressional schoolyard.

Are we clear now?

Denis Campbell

Denis Campbell is a US journalist based in the United Kingdom. He contributes to newspapers and magazines, is a BBC Radio election commentator and publishes the daily e-magazine The Vadimus Post from the Latin Quo Vadimus – where are we headed and do we know why?


  1. says

    That was a outstanding piece. I do not agree with every single single thing that you said but still good nonetheless. On a side note, I am so ecstatic that the NFL is back. It seems like I been patiently waiting forever. This has to be my favorite time of the year. Sorry, I’m rambling. lol

  2. Virginia says


    These right-wing media fanatics have done so much damage to our country. When they spew hate and racism, they attack our country’s most precious resource, our Humanity!

    Its way past time to deal with these Bullies and I really applaud Mr. Campbell for addressing this!

    Good work!

  3. Jim says

    Wow! A President and leader with Cajones. “Step up and join the march to solve problems, if not, get out of the way or prepare to be trampled in the process”.

    The Speaker and Majority Leader need to watch him and learn how to lead while they grow a set.

    It is about time. Go Go Obama!

  4. Loki says

    hmmmm…where was this great call for respect and cooperation during the last eight years? Another example of liberal free speech, “say whatever you want, unless I dont like what you say”
    Liberals had their turn at dissent for last eight years, now its our turn.

  5. uhPlease says

    A mandate? Bush won by 51% and it was divisive, Obama wins by 52% and it’s a mandate? You have to be psychotic.

    So now Obama has moved to the Thought Police stage: Think like me or else. Very mature there Barry. So much for “reaching across the aisle.” Another lie from the Dems.

    Remember that Obama didn’t win by much–there is roughly 50% of the population that doesn’t agree with his POV. What IS apparent is that the Dems are not only nasty losers, but even nastier winners.

    You think Obama is going to fix everything? He doesn’t even understand the impact of his first executive order–having to defer to Greg Craig for answers. What a complete moron.

    Remember who voted for the war in Iraq: Dems.

    Remember who voted to NOT regulate Fannie and Freddie in 2003: Dems.

    You nut job Libs are a classic case of psychosis gone mad. You think one man (Bush) caused ALL the problems, and one man (Obama) can fix them. Low IQ weirdos.

  6. AV says

    “Well said, Denis. I don’t think the Rethugs have it in them to cooperate. Elections have consequences. I hope their consequence is extinction.”

    I hope so as well, and I hope it leads to a third party rising and maybe even a shift away from a 2 party system.

  7. AV says

    Well said, Denis. I don’t think the Rethugs have it in them to cooperate. Elections have consequences. I hope their consequence is extinction.

  8. says

    I think what is striking is that Obama feels vulnerable enough that he actually has to mention Rush Limbaugh by name.

    That’s a big no-no in politics.

    Obama should talk to Rush directly instead of making attacks on him. All that does is anger the conservative base even further. Remember what they did to Clinton’s democratic majorities in the 1994 elections.

    Limbaugh is going to hit back ferociously. And he has a listener base of 20 million people. Obama can’t afford to antagonize the King of talk radio.

  9. says

    Thank GOD! Obama might, MIGHT just save this country yet. Im still not completely trusting this man, or anyone in politics. I am interested though.

  10. says

    I just noticed the author is from the U.K.
    Another example of how the view from the outside is so much more on the money. Please Mr. Campbell…, keep talking. I like what you have to say. (obviously I’m from the U.S.)

  11. Jim says

    Well said, Denis. I don’t think the Rethugs have it in them to cooperate. Elections have consequences. I hope their consequence is extinction.

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