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Hasta La Vista, U.S. Business

Question: Has Bush & Company, unintentionally helped solve the U.S. immigration problem across our Mexican border? With no thought about consequences for future American business or our country's citizens, George W. Bush and mostly Republicans, may have precipitated the extinction of the trade mark, "Made in USA," to be replaced with "Hecho en Mexico," along with different marks from other countries too. Lou Dobbs may have to rethink his anger and blame regarding illegal immigrants.


Now that Bush has amassed his massive Iraq, Afghanistan, Mid-East and world failures, he can turn his destructive abilities to concentrating on getting rid of the U.S. work force, to aid Big Business' record profits. Mexico is benefiting greatly from the Bush administration's push to Off-Shoring (Off-Bordering) U.S. businesses and NAFTA, along with the Republican inspired boondoggle of a border fence.

Big U.S. business is rushing to Mexico and elsewhere, to take advantage of U.S. Corporate Welfare and huge tax breaks now on the Bush books. Iconic American companies like 113-year-old Hershey's Chocolate Company has moved across the border, meaning thousands of American jobs lost. Big American farms are moving to Mexico. Stoop labor will be able to stoop at home. Ford has invested $3 billion to make cars in Mexico. Iron, steel, textiles, apparel, food plants, banking, telecommunications, private education, chemicals, mining, porn films and petroleum is fast attracting U.S. companies.

With U.S. Industry and farming leaving the U.S., so will jobs. Soon, illegal aliens will be staying home and the illegal aliens in the U.S. won't be finding jobs. The dollar is plummeting like a lead balloon, unemployment up, housing is crashing, gas is skyrocketing to penthouse prices, the U.S. is in recession, perhaps evolving into another GOP induced depression. The illegal aliens in the U.S. will start to trickle back home through the border fence to find jobs in their country of origin.

The future: With little action along the border fence, the U.S. sells sections of the border project back to the fence construction companies, and they install fence tolls. When illegal Americans start to get through the fence without paying, looking for jobs in Mexico and down South, the Mexican government, with a surging economy buys the border fence, for a few pesos on the dollar to stop the illegal Americans. Canada builds a border fence to keep illegal Americans out. Blackwater and the Minute Men, then form coyote units to smuggle illegal Americans looking for work, to Canada, Mexico and Central America. By this time, Lou Dobbs has retired and has moved to a retirement community on the Mexican Rivera.

Meantime, a Democratic president made us turn green with energy. Industry has greatly grown by producing crystalline silicon solar panels, fuel cells, wind, wave and solar power. Salt water from the sea is being filtered and used by agriculture. Universal Health Care puts the U.S. on a level playing field with the rest of the industrialized nations. American industry finally joins the 21st Century. Major corporations loose their stranglehold on privatization and the media. The middle class and the poor receive help. Education blossoms again. We believe in science, the Constitution and separation of Church and State, again. The Bush Supreme Court members die off from the dye in their Chinese made black robes, or it might have been the Chinese made fruit cakes, that former President George W. Bush sent from his palatial mansion on his 100,000 acre parcel in Paraguay. (no extradition) The wealthy 1% of Americans had to pay their fair share of taxes. The U.S. regains standing in the world, using world wide diplomacy by actually talking to other nations and not using preemptive shock and awe.

Illegal Americans have returned to the U.S., followed shortly by illegal aliens. Lou Dobbs leaves retirement because global warming has hit the Mexican Riviera and he returns to the States. He's getting his old job back. Since corporations have prospered, the golden parachute CEO's start to buy up the media and elections again. Psychological testing shows "Death Taxes" should be reintroduced for the 1% of the wealthiest Americans, since the middle class and poor have become complacent. U.S. Cluster bombs and land mines, having been outlawed, are allowed to be manufactured again.

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China now has guards in the Guard Stations on the Great Wall, to keep illegal aliens out and the Chinese people in. After the mutual nuclear destruction of Pakistan and India, they became one nation. Mexico becomes the drug capitol of the world and sells the border fence back to the Americans.

The moral of the story: Americans never learn from past history. Or: History always repeats itself. History always repeats itself. History always repeats itself. History always repeats itself. History always repeats itself. History always repeats itself.


-- by Jerry Drucker

This article originally appeared in the Valley Democrats United newsletter, Margie Murray editor, on June 11, 2008. We have republished it with permission.

Jerry Drucker is a freelance writer and screenwriter, political progressive letterwriter, member of Valley Dems United, Dems for Change and Valley Grassroots for Democracy. Jerry was voted as the 41st AD man of the year for 2008 by the LA County Democratic Party members.

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