Update: Troy Anthony Davis


After the United States Supreme Court refused to hear Davis’ case, the Federal Appeals Court in Atlanta, Ga granted Troy Anthony Davis a temporary stay of execution. This stay was granted just days before he was scheduled to be executed on Monday, October 27, 2008.

“Upon our thorough review of the record, we conclude that Davis has met the burden for a stay of execution,” the court said in an order issued by Judges Joel Dubina, Rosemary Barkett and Stanley Marcus.

The court wants to hear more from Davis’ attorneys and has given them 15 days to file their legal brief.

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    Wasn’t there recently a change in the amount of people that have been executed from dealth penalty? The thought of execution in the 21st century seems so archaic. In these modern times, there has to be a more humane way to handle punishing those who require it.

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