USrael: The Democracidal Minotaur in the Cesspool of Imagination

“War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength,” Orwell told us in “1984.” All oxymoronically true and sad in our twisted world today. But, perhaps the greatest truth that prophet propounded was this: Whoever controls the information controls the imagination.

A couple of weeks before Israel’s most recent war on Gaza-Palestine, while zoning-out-channel-surfing after a day of some cerebration, I came upon that 90s movie, “Something Wild.” The first time I saw it, I was 20 years younger and lost myself in Melanie Griffith’s sumptuous curves. What struck me most this time was one of the last scenes: the spurned, crazy husband—scarily well-acted by Rob Lowe—keeps striking, beating, pummeling, his estranged wife (Melanie), while complaining: Why do you make me do this? Why do you make me hurt you? See what you make me do? Why? Why!?

A similar tone was set in Israel right after the disappearance of three hitchhiking Jewish youths (one an American) outside of an (illegal) settlement in the West Bank. Before anything was known about the fate of these young men, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu summarily declared the kidnappers “animals” and sent out his storm troopers to arrest over 300 Palestinian “suspects.” Eleven Palestinians “suspects” were killed while resisting the round-up. Then, a hapless Palestinian youth was captured by Israeli hoodlums (fanatical “patriots”?), forced to drink gasoline and set on fire. His American cousin was beaten by police—caught on cameras.

No talk about “animals” this time. Rockets were fired from Gaza—mostly ineffectual thanks to the US-built and financed “Iron Dome.” Israel has responded with massacres, day after day, slaughtering as many as 1900 Gazans—mostly civilians, and hundreds of children.

See what you make me do? Israel and its US supporters cry in unison. Why do you make me do this? Why do you make me hurt you? Why? Why!?

I write “USrael” because we seem to have morphed into one Empire/Country/Entity. After all, the super-power supports the Middle East outpost of its power to the tune of some $3 billion per year—by far more money than we give in “foreign aid” to any other country. And, we’ve been doing it for decades and our do-nothing Congress has just allocated hundreds of millions of dollars more to “replenish” the Iron Dome. (They could not come to any decision about the US-originated “crisis” on our own border, but AIPAC quickly whipped them into demopublican alignment concerning the “crisis” on Israel’s imposed siege-“border.”)

If we really wanted to promote peace in the Middle East, shouldn’t we have built an Iron Dome for the Palestinians, too?

I have wondered: If we really wanted to promote peace in the Middle East, shouldn’t we have built an Iron Dome for the Palestinians, too? When do “defensive systems” become offensive systems—allowing those within the “forts” to feel so strong they can venture into “Indian territory,” ransack, pillage and kill and then retreat behind their fortifications?

This, of course, is the strategy the US employed against its own native population in the “settlement” of its “western territories.” We, too, answered critics of that expansionism by promulgating “chosen-people-manifest destiny.” A more honest riposte in the case of USrael would have been: “Might makes right!”

Returning to my home in the South, after a 3-week sojourn in DC (where I could at least get some alternative news programs such as “Democracy Now” or those on RT), I find that my 16-year-old refrigerator is dying, making a noise that variously shrieks, squeals, moans. At the same time, my Internet connections is erratic and I can barely get news beyond Scott Pelley talking about the ISIS-Sunni “genocide” against the Shiites in Iraq, or the professional Jewish apologists, Dershowitz and Krauthammer, appearing all over the place, proclaiming that every other nation would behave just as Israel is behaving against the Hamas “terrorists”! Yes, they acknowledge, some 1900 Palestinians have died and fewer than 70 Israelis have died—mostly invading soldiers, they don’t tell us—but why should Israel be expected to behave differently from other countries?

From my childhood I recall my Jewish mother telling me that “two wrongs don’t make a right.” From my reading and re-reading, I recall Solomon’s words in The Book of Proverbs: “Envy not the oppressor, and choose none of his ways.” And, “As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool returns to its folly.”

israel invades gaza

Knesset member Ayelet Shaked

What is one to make of a murderous fool like Netanyahu calling Palestinians “animals”? What should we make of a Jewish female member of the Knesset, Ayelet Shaked, stating publicly that Palestinian children must be killed, mothers raped by Israeli soldiers; that they are all “snakes” who must be wiped out? What should we make of the fact that Netanyahu addresses our do-nothing Congress and gets more standing ovations from these AIPAC-sponsored dunces than any president in US history? Are we not one nation, one Empire, one people united against the “terrorists” of the Middle East? So, the story goes. So, the “information” is repeated ad nauseum.

While my refrigerator is dying and I cannot go out and buy food because I live in a car-dependent suburb and must wait for some technician to come and attend to my Internet connection, I play a little mind-game, one of those “thought-experiments” for which Einstein was famous. I am no Einstein, but I, too, am interested in relativity, and how things connect on various levels—quantum levels, if you will, individual to individual. When my refrigerator quiets a little, passes from squealing to a buzzing sound, I imagine it is like the buzzing of a drone over Palestine. The fact that my food supply is now limited to a couple of cans of soup makes me wonder what it is like to have no food for one’s babies.

But, it is no good. A pathetic attempt to imagine the unimaginable! Not even my experience with a tornado destroying my home above my head about a dozen years ago can help me to imagine the unrelenting terror of life in Gaza/Palestine now!

And, on the quantum level—Are these Palestinian children not our children, too? When the girls were kidnapped by a terrorist organization in Nigeria, was there not a universal cry to “Bring Back Our Girls”? When an Afghan girl was shot in the head because she wanted to attend school, was there not universal outrage?

Are the U.N. and the other international organizations established after the Second World War in order to prevent forever a return to war-mania and serial holocausts, now merely useless window-dressing to assure humanity there still is a humanity with a conscience?

Scott Pelly can talk now of “genocide” in Iraq, but he never peeped the word when the US killed a million Iraqis and displaced 4 million because of “weapons of mass destruction” that never existed!
Who controls the Information controls the Imagination!

Getting back to Einstein, he said that Imagination was more important than Knowledge. I think he meant this: Knowledge is well and good, but without Imagination, we shall never put things all together to get to Wisdom. And wisdom, as we learn from the Book of Proverbs, is “the principal thing: therefore, get wisdom: and with all thy getting, get thee understanding.”

The hydra-headed monster of USreal has been murdering democracy—in the name of democracy!—for about as long as I’ve dwelled on this sad planet.

The hydra-headed monster of USreal has been murdering democracy—in the name of democracy!—for about as long as I’ve dwelled on this sad planet. Because, like the Melanie Griffith character in “Something Wild,” THEY made us do it! THEY compelled us to go into Korea and Vietnam and kill millions! THEY compelled us to go into Iraq and Afghanistan because… well, Saddam Hussein’s soldiers were throwing babies on the floor, dashing their heads! Right? Er, right?

There never seems to be enough time for questioning, for cross-examination! “Facts” are presented as indisputable, and in the words of that consummate liar, Colin Powell, we are simply told, “Trust me.”

As Imagination dies, a culture dies, the Arts die, and a people die. The people enclose themselves in a fraudulent world, from which they lack the imagination to break out. They fail to see a “siege” for the act of war it really is. They fail to see the malfeasance of their elected officials as the criminal offense that it is. (“O, my offence is rank,” too-late awakened Claudius tells us in Hamlet; “it smells to Heaven!”)

gary corseriIn Orwell’s other brilliant book, Animal Farm, he shows us how a collective of pigs has taken over from the other rebellious animals, killed off former leaders of the restive, idealistic group, and now amend the original declaration thus: All animals are equal; but some are more equal than others!

Too many in our “advanced, modern” world think they are “more equal than others”! They are “privileged,” “entitled,” “chosen.” In Madeleine Albright’s not very bright phrase: “the indispensable people.” Refusing to tell the whole story, failing to contextualize, to provide the essential background, they scarify Truth and disenfranchise the people’s right to know, to imagine, to feel deeply!

Two bits of truth did leak out while I scavenged among the rubble of the MSM: one news clip showed a Palestinian girl of ten who had awakened paralyzed in a hospital after her family had been killed by Israeli bombs. When she could not feel her limbs, she thought she had died.

Gary-Corseri-aActually, she had died… the life she might have had, had died forever.

Another bit of truth showed another Palestinian girl, also ten. She had just witnessed her grandmother and three uncles being blown apart by Israeli bombs. She held her palms to her head and kept crying, “Enough! Enough! Enough!”

Gary Corseri
Hollywood Progressive

Gary Corseri has published novels and poetry collections, his dramas have been produced on PBS-Atlanta and elsewhere, and he has performed his poems at the Carter Presidential Center. He has taught in US prisons and public schools, and at US and Japanese universities, and his work has appeared at L.A. (and Hollywood–) Progressive, Counterpunch, Village Voice, The New York Times and hundreds of periodicals and websites worldwide. Contact:


  1. Gary Corseri says

    I thank those who responded thoughtfully, even courageously, to this article. Yes, it does take some courage to write/think independently and against the grain of the constant droning of the mass-media puppet heads! I thank, too, editor Dick Price and publisher Sharon Kyle for their long-time dedication to truth-telling and truth-living.

  2. says

    Golda Meier said:“We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.” the Israeli’s who are all Illegal Occupiers and all the soldiers Jews have been committing atrocities since day one… They, virulent murderous Israeli’s, and this includes a mass about of Judaists in the Los Angeles area want Israhell to continue down this road of Genocide. They love it. They are so self obsessed with Israhell to realize as you point out in your message ~ calling for the extermination of us, the Palestinians, the wanton murder of our children really makes us want to love Israhell NOT ~ Zionists came here out of nowhere and given a gun they are the new Nazi. Unparalleled in death and destruction, decimating for LOVE of a people who lived there long before the bloodsucking Zionist parasitic Ticks infested the area known as Palestine ~ one day it will be a Free Palestine because the horrid Experiment in Terror will force the Judaists back where they came from or into the sea ~

  3. Reverend DRaco says

    “See what you make me do? Israel and its US supporters cry in unison. Why do you make me do this? Why do you make me hurt you? Why? Why!?”

    Sounds exactly like every spouse abuser ever spawned.
    Except that private abusers go to prison, while State abusers get money that was stolen from me, to pay for more tools with which to continue abusing others. . .

    Isn’t it about time that we started treating State abusers the same way we treat private ones? Cancel that – isn’t it about time that we treated State abusers *worse* than we treat private ones, as they use the “Color of Authority” to justify their crimes?

  4. R Zwarich says


    Netanyahu is a name that History will record with the infamy this man has earned, and his name deserves. Today this man was quoted by the New York Times as having said, on August 4th, 2014, “We have no intention of attacking the residents of Gaza”.

    He said this right out loud, in public, on the very day when Israel had bombed many more Gazan homes to rubble, and had killed several more children, and other innocent civilians. He said this after we all have watched as Israel has reduced entire residential neighborhoods in Gaza to rubble, leaving tens of thousands of innocent people now homeless. He said this after killing civilians in hospitals and schools. He said it after attacking civilian infrastructure, to leave a population of millions of innocent people without electricity, water treatment, or sewage treatment facilities. International relief agencies are now preparing for the widespread outbreak of disease that they expect is sure to develop among a population awash in its own sewage, with no potable drinking water.

    After doing all these ghastly deeds, right in front of the very eyes of the entire world, he then has the uniquely Israeli ‘chutzpah’ to stand before the entire world and say, “We have no intention of attacking the residents of Gaza”.

    What clearer proof could anyone possibly ask for that this man lies every bit as easily as he kills?

    In a recent interview, Henry Siegman, former executive director of the American Jewish Congress, widely recognized as one of the ‘big three’ among American Jewish organizations, spoke about how the behavior of Israel is becoming more and more distressing, to ever more American and European Jews. He spoke particularly about the ease with which Israel tells lies before the entire world. He talked about how Israel was born in a Big Lie, with its PR proclamation of “a land without people for a people without a land”, and how several of the noted ‘fathers of Israel’, such as David Ben Gurion, engaged without conscience in widespread terrorism against the population of the people who actually lived on the “land without people”, to drive them off their land so Israel could be born. Then, Mr. Siegman remarked, when the Arabs gathered their forces and fought back, Israel simply lied with no moral compunction whatsoever, as it claimed to be an innocent party defending itself against Arab aggression. Mr. Siegman talked about how this has been, and continues to be, the ‘normal’ Israeli methodology. They launch brutal attacks on others, and then when those they have attacked fight back, the Israelis claim “self defense” against aggression.

    David Ben Gurion, an exalted ‘lion’ among the ‘fathers of Israel’, who would go on to be Israel’s prime minister for many years, is widely quoted as having said, during the time when the European Jews first entered Palestine, “We must use terrorism, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid Palestine of its Arab population”. Besides the murderous terrorism widely employed by Jewish militias, such as the Irgun, and the Stern Gang, (which were led by people such as Menachem Begin, who would also go on to become an Israeli prime minister), the Israeli military itself, the Haganah, engaged in the execution of innocent Arab civilians. This happened, according to Mr Siegman, before any Arabs had ever engaged in any violence against Jews. History has recorded that Ben Gurion gave direct orders to an Israeli army commander, Yitzhak Rabin, (who would also go on to become a prime minister), to line Arab civilians up and shoot them down in the town squares of Arab villages, in order to enhance and continue the Jewish terrorism that was facilitating the stampede of terrorized Palestinians off of their land. Rabin complied.

    As we hear the constant litany of lies emanating from Israel, we must bear in mind that this nation was formed by zealous religious fanatics who feel and think that anything they do is just, even the murder of innocents, because they believe they are God’s “chosen people”, and that God (Himself) has determined that all of Palestine must be stolen from its Arab owners and given to Jews. We must bear in mind that these religious fanatics, who constantly bellow out about their psychotic claims of “moral superiority”, (even as they are actively engaging in murder), have constantly used clever and devious lies, for all these decades, to fool many people into believing that they are something other than what they are.

    Now, with the advent of information technology, millions upon tens of millions of people are awakening in abject horror, to the horrific truth, as we have yet again seen the extent of Israel’s murderous brutality with our own eyes. Even a large percentage of the world’s Jews, who once believed that Israel bore the mantle of a high moral purpose, are realizing that Israel is a nation in the throes of a national psychosis. As we watched Israelis pull up their lawn chairs on a hilltop with a commanding view of Gaza below them, sipping drinks and picnicking, as they cheered the bombardment of that defenseless population, millions upon millions more of us came to understand the stark reality that Israel is a nation gone mad.

    What more evidence of that do we need, what more apparent evidence could there be, than to see this man, Netanyahu, after ordering and directing some of of the most ghastly atrocities against innocent and defenseless people that History has ever seen, stand before the world and say, “We have no intention of attacking the residents of Gaza”?

    This man’s place in History is already secure, among the most heinous criminals against humanity that have ever led a nation. Before this man dies a natural death, he must be brought before a tribunal, to bear responsibility for his deeds, and he must be sentenced to a punishment commensurate with his crimes.

    R Zwarich

  5. says

    Gary Corsieri is a member of that most rare and endangered species in America: the courageous, informed, and wise possessor of a conscience who can look at an act of monstrous villainy and call it by its name in public. This is a lonely business in a nation far sunk in lies, deception, and propaganda.

    • Eric says

      Yes, it is lonely. But moreover for those who are not fooled by the lies, deception and propaganda, it can be a very threatening world if they attempt to address in some manner. The war supposedly on terrorism is really about supplying this threat The more informed or experienced persons knows that most of the accepted view of the situation is 180 degrees from reality.

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