U.S. Supreme Court Issues a Stay of Execution for Troy Anthony Davis

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Troy Anthony Davis

Troy Anthony Davis was granted a last-minute reprieve today, September 23, 2008, according to a report by Rusy Domin of CNN International.

This morning, before going to work, Dick and I joined hands in prayer for the life of Troy Anthony Davis. He was scheduled to be executed tonight at 7:00pm ET in Georgia for a crime he says he did not commit, the killing of Mark MacPhail, a Savannah Georgia police officer. But the U.S. Supreme Court issued a last-minute stay just two hours before the execution was to occur.

I was first made aware of this case while watching Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now. Martina Davis-Correia, sister of Troy Davis, has been an avid champion of her brother’s case. It was about a year ago that I watched the interview Amy Goodman did with Ms. Davis-Correia on the show. I may have given a donation to Amnesty International at the time. The piece was certainly moving. Then life went on. For some reason, I never forgot Troy Anthony Davis’ name or his face. Then, a friend sent me an email stating that Davis was scheduled to die by lethal injection on September 23, 2008. This is being written on September 23rd. I received the email yesterday.

As I’ve stated in the first paragraph, I asked my husband to join hands in prayer this morning before we went to work. Throughout the day, while at work, I checked the internet to see if there was any news of an issuance of a stay of execution from the supreme court. Then I began to get angry.

Last week Dick and I hosted a fundraiser in our home for two candidates to the superior court. Both of these judicial candidates, Lori-Ann Jones and Cynthia Loo, have been endorsed by anybody who is anybody in California politics. They are both outstanding. They both spent a considerable amount of time at our home with our guests explaining what the campaigning process is like for a judicial candidate.

At one point it was pointed out that the average American only comes into contact with the judicial system when they have jury duty or to resolve a traffic matter. When I think back on that statement, it helps me to understand why we have so many miscarriages of justice.

sharon-kyle.gifThe Troy Anthony Davis case is one such miscarriage. I urge anyone reading this to go to Amnesty International to learn more about the case. So, why is a citizen journalist like myself writing about this? It took me several hours to discover the fate of Mr. Davis. I listened to all of the major mainstream news outlets and heard nothing. I was only able to info from the BBC and CNN International.

What does that say about American MSM (mainstream media)?

Sharon Kyle

Sharon Kyle is the Publisher of the LA Progressive. With her husband Dick, she publishes several other print and online newsletters on political and social justice issues. In addition to her work at JPL, Sharon is enrolled in law school at the People’s College of Law in Los Angeles. She is also the mother of two adult children, Wade and Deva and the step-mother to two children, Raheem and Linnea. To contact her, please use the form on the Contact Us page.

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  1. says

    My heart really goes out to Mr. Davis. I am not God and I can’t say that he is innocent because I wasn’t there, but it’s sad to me that there is no physical evidence and that he was convicted solely on witness testimony. Even the witnesses have recanted their testimonies and have stated fear of police as reason for giving their false statements. It’s a sad day in our country when a family who is grieving the loss of their loved one is so desperate to see a man put to death. I feel for their loss, but killing Davis is not going to bring their loved one back, nor does killing him say that he is guilty. My heartfelt prayers are with him and with the grieving family. It’s a sad situation all the way around, but I know that nothing is impossible with God.

  2. Wayne Messer says

    You have to be kidding. A Jury convicted him. The Georgia supreme court upheld that verdict and now that they are cowards you want to let a muderer go.

    Oh yeah that’s right he says ” He didn’t do it” yet the Georgia supreme court who had all that evidence couldn’t have possibly gotten it right.

    I say let everyone go. After all they all say “THEY DIDN’T DO IT”

    • Sharon Kyle says

      Go take a course in Criminal Procedure then write back. Unless you’ve studied the law, especially procedure, your comments mean little. Google “troy anthony davis” to learn more before passing judgement.

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