Van Jones, Man on a Mission

Van Jones is one of the founders of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, a nonprofit organization based in Oakland, California.  The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights began as an organization committed to the fight for fair treatment by the police.

In 1996, Van Jones along with two colleagues had no money and one project, “The Bay Area Police Watch”. They fought the San Francisco Police Commission to get justice in the police brutality case of Aaron Williams, a young black man who was subjected to unwarranted brutality by the San Francisco Police Department, which resulted in Williams’ death. Following the death, it was determined that the police officer who killed Williams, Marc Andaya, would walk because the San Francisco Police Commission dismissed disciplinary charges against him. Upon hearing this, Jones and his team ramped up the effort to get justice for Williams and won.

main-Van-JonesThe success of the Aaron Williams campaign bouyed the small organization into a much broader arena.  They launched the Third Eye Movement, which was an effort to take the fight against police brutality national.

Today, the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights is a strategy and action center working for justice, opportunity and peace in urban America.

This is just one of Van Jones’ accomplishments.  The LA Progressive stands with the thousands of others who support Van Jones.  To learn more, click here to join the thousands who want to show their support for Van Jones.

Sharon Kyle
Pubisher, LA Progressive

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