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Memorial Day Tribute to Anti-War Vets at Arlington West -- Bring Our Troops Home!

During the Memorial Day weekend, hundreds of anti-war activists gathered at Santa Monica's Arlington West, a cemetary in the sand to honor the fallen soldiers of the US war and occupation of Iraq.


Every Sunday, volunteers with Veterans for Peace and Arlington West rise before dawn to spend hours blanketing the beach with crosses that represent the thousands of Americans who have died in this senseless war, planting in a nearby path placards to represent the countless millions of Iraqis who have been killed or driven from their homes.

The Memorial Day tribute to the Iraq Veterans Against the War was hosted by Lila Garrett and broadcast on KPFK on the eve of a massive war funding vote (referenced in my speech on the video).


Marcy Winograd

Below is the video of the various speeches, including those of Founder of Vietnam Veterans Against the War Ron Kovic, LA City Council Bill Rosendahl, Code Pink organizer Jody Evans, . Ann Wright, Actor Ed Asner, Coalition Against Militarism in our Schools Chair Arlene Inouye, several courageous Iraq veterans, some conscientious objectors like Augustin Aguayo, others speakers in our schools, like Maricela Guzman, and me, Marcy Winograd, President of Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles. In the distance, activists unfurled a banner: Impeach Bush and Cheney.

Brave New Films has some video here.

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(One participant wrote, They are all worth watching, but please make sure you see Wendy Barranco who is exceptionally moving. It doesn't get more real than what she has to say. It's not easy to watch, but her message deserves to be heard.)

-- By Marcy Winograd


Ron Kovic


Jodie Evans


Ed Asner


Arlene Inouye