Vote for Marcy Winograd: VOTE!!

marcy winogradBecause I am a columnist based in Washington I am not eligible to vote in the Congressional election that is upon us. But because I am a Democrat spending a lot of time in Washington urging Democrats to act like Democrats, I want to second the motion of Sharon Kyle and plead with everyone who reads this, and is eligible, to VOTE for Marcy.

With the California rules for this election, your vote matters, big time. With Democrats in Washington not always showing the profiles in courage that many of us would like, Marcy Winograd is the profile in courage we need on the Democratic side of the aisle in D.C.

It is not enough to be a Democrat. We need principled Democrats, fighters for good causes with integrity and courage. Marcy Winograd would not only be a Democratic Congresswoman, she would be a fighting and principled and courageous champion for courage and principle at a time when Democrats need such voices in the Democratic cloakroom, on the major committees and on the floor of the Congress.

Programs for women are under attack, and Marcy Winograd is a fighter for women. Labor unions are under attack, and wears her union label with pride. The poor virtually do not exist in the high councils of policy in our capital, but Marcy Winograd would be a loud, powerful and passionate voice for the poor in the tradition of great Democrats such as Robert Kennedy.

The earth is in trouble, under siege from polluters who poison our air and water and disrupt our climate and also under siege from far too many Democrats who fail to make the fight. Marcy Winograd will make the fight, and very often, lead the fight for women, workers, the poor, the planet and the ideals that we true Democrats believe are the heart and soul of who we are as a party, and what we stand for as a nation.

It matters who represents the 36th district of California in the Congress. It also matters who speaks for the 36th district in the House Democratic Caucus when the internal debates among Democrats are held about how much principle and courage and spirit the Democratic Party should stand for.

Brent BudowskyI hope everybody votes as though real lives depend on it. In a nation where sadly too many people are hungry and homeless and hurting and too few leaders of courage stand up to the forces of greed and money and corruption, those without the power to defend themselves will find a champion in Marcy Winograd.

I hope everyone votes as though real lives depend on it because the truth is, and it is sad truth in a nation with so much unfinished business, they do. You can make a difference by voting because Marcy will make a difference in Washington, and Lord knows, we need Democrats in Washington who believe they are there to make a difference.

Brent Budowsky

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