Walmart’s Idea of Thanksgiving Charity

walmart-break-350Who says Walmart is not big hearted?

Just look at the chain’s outlet in Canton, Ohio, where management has set up bins for food donations, asking people to give generously to the poor, who otherwise will not have a Thanksgiving dinner. But the bins are not for customers – they’re tucked back in the employees-only area. Walmart’s Thanksgiving food drive is for its own employees, beseeching low-wage workers to donate to even lower-wage workers who can’t afford a family dinner on this national day of thanks.

Yes, this corporate colossus, with an annual income greater than 140 countries, wants its poorly-paid employees to buy food for fellow employees whose paychecks leave them in deep poverty. More astonishing is the corporation’s insipid, self-congratulatory insistence that the employee food drive demonstrates its deep ethical commitment to the welfare of all Walmart “associates” (as it grandiosely calls its beleaguered workers). A spokesman for the giant asserted that “This is part of the company’s culture to rally around associates and take care of them.”

But, of course, “the company” is not taking care of them at all. It won’t pay a living wage, won’t provide decent health care or other needed benefits, won’t allow workers to organize so they can have their own voice – and then abandons them to beg for scraps if they want to share in Thanksgiving with other Americans.

jim-hightower-175This is obscene, a moral outrage. Three Waltons – Alice, Robson, and Jim – are heirs to the Walmart fortune and are sitting on more than $33 billion apiece, profiting on the low wages the corporation pays. Oughtn’t they at least pony up a pittance from their prodigious inheritance for a few turkey-and-sweet-potato dinners on Thanksgiving? To push for a modicum of fairness, contact

Jim Hightower
America’s #1 Populist


  1. Ryder says

    Sooo envy? What an ugly thing. If progressives have their way… even more Americans will be absolutely dependent on government than ever before… meaning they will have nothing except what government provides month to month… which means the remaining wealthy will have an even larger percentage.

    By preventing more Americans from gaining wealth, progressives (who are against wealth), are creating this divide.

    Black Americans had a sold road paved for them during the civil rights movement… but progressive America convinced them to stop standing on their own feet, and instead claim victim status in order to get handouts and “compensation” for wrongs visited to their grandparents.

    So they adopted the role of victim, cried racism, then sat and waited for the wealth of others to come to them… wrongly believing that “free wealth” was the path to easy street… housing vouchers, food stamps, and a thousand other promises that when added up amount to just enough to keep them alive and voting for anyone who promises to send them more. They are being harvested for votes, but easy street never came. Now they have largely forgotten how to stand on their own, and have become sadly dependent.

    The Klan couldn’t have done more damage than progressives have done. They sold their souls and have stayed down and angry, just like how progressives wanted/needed them to be. A strong, self-made black man or woman is not someone the democrat party can “buy” with promises. Such persons don’t need promises. They can take care of themselves.

    And we can’t have that, now can we…

  2. Chris S says

    Ryder, why so exasperated? Walmart may be just one corporation, but its seemingly low prices are due to multinational deals based on extremely low manufacturing and service wages paid in other countries.

    The US has struggled to decide appropriate tariffs for centuries. So I invite you to express less snark and to embrace more jntellectualism. Concentration of wealth in a few US citizens’ hands as a result of international trade deals and protective laws does not strengthen the US overall. Some believe the long US history of breaking up monopolies easily can apply to individual or family wealth too.

    I respect one’s right to argue that if the US economy grows individual poverty or environmental damage, then such outcome is a natural result of capitalism. One also could argue that low wage labor in other countries competes with US workers who need to lower their expectations of personal economic stability in this country. Perhaps the dream of property ownership for all is a silly notion that should shift back to two classes: rich and poor.

    If you are tired of hearing complaints about Walmart, ask yourself why you are so ticked off. Perhaps some of the raised concerns ultimately question your patriotism. Do you have loyalties outside your own household?

    • Ryder says

      All you are saying is that the price system works.

      If you’d read this article, you’d see that it has nothing to do with this bizarre/obtuse tariffs injection of yours. It’s the corporation organizing food drives for the less fortunate.

      Here is the thing that you and Hightower don’t get. Those bins get filled with food. Which, according to Hightower, should not be happening… because Walmart employees are too poor to do so. Yet it gets done. This means that he doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand how the world works. It’s just empty complaining/whining.

      It’s hard to fathom how people can COMPLAIN when others are charitable within their communities.

      If your argument is: “Well, let’s talk about tariffs”, then you’re expert at missing the point of the article.

      Not ticked off… tired of the empty arguments.

  3. Ryder says

    I am SO tired of Walmart whining… just stop already, and mind you own business. Walmart is the employer of CHOICE for many tens of thousands of people. If it didn’t work… then it would not exist.

    Thousands and thousands and thousands more, rather unemployable persons have found gainful work, thanks to Walmart… and provide goods at prices that are often astoundingly low, enabling those with low income to enjoy a far better lifestyle than they otherwise would.

    Stop whining until YOU can find work for these people.

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