Walter M. Plumbs the Depths of Homophobia

gays kissingThe Orangevale View recently published Walter M.’s rant faulting homosexuals for what makes  pre-teens say “Ewww Gross!” Says Walter: “So many [gay] people in lispy voices are clamoring for us to accept and adopt them and their lifestyle [really?], when they have made it blatantly obvious that they cannot accept or adopt ours, much less anyone who disapproves of their[s].”

Imitating Fox News’ ersatz outrage over the suffering of the rich–the wealthiest 400 people in the U.S. own more than the poorest 150 million, but they are so over-taxed, and over-regulated!–Walter’s final point is to compare tolerance of homos to making him eat slimy broccoli.

The orders-of-magnitude larger suffering inflicted by the hetero majority on gays makes no impression. Attacks on gays and gay teen suicide rates are high because gays are icky and deserve them.

Walter apparently cannot understand that witnessing gay public displays of affection puts nothing in his mouth. Sure, insensitive jerks exist in all sexual orientations; best practice, however, is to check the mirror before criticizing others.

Meanwhile, intolerance like Walter’s is costly. For example, only intolerance could explain why America’s preferred treatment is prison for those ill with drug addiction and mental problems. The U.S. currently imprisons people at nearly seven times the Canadian per-capita rate, with no detectable impact on crime. It’s one-seventh as expensive to treat illness as it is to imprison sick people, and less, you know, “medieval.”

Intolerance is costly in other ways, too. The U.S. doesn’t get the cheaper, more effective single-pay­er health care now because racist Dixiecrats in Congress were concerned that federally-­sponsored health care would mix the races in Southern hospitals. U.S. health care costs double what single-payer systems worldwide pay, and ranks 37th in health outcomes. The Bee said it’s as though we have Costa Rica’s health care but pay six times more for the privilege.

The genius of Walter’s viewpoint is that criticizing it means he’s even more of a victim, this time of a cultural elitist attack. Critics can’t be factually correct; they’re just trying to win an argument and exposing their liberal bias (See! they’re criticizing homophobia when the gays have been so icky!)….which lets Walter feel he’s just protecting himself.

However Walter may cringe and say “Ewww! Gross!” about the objects of his intolerance, he really needs to stop being such a princess and suck it up. His delicate sensibilities are not as important as other issues, and his homophobia is a distraction from those.

For example, the U.S. recently lost 20% of its net worth, and not because the gays were making out on the park bench, but because Countrywide securitized sub-prime mortgages, 80% of which were fraudulent.  Economist Dean Baker notes “This is by far the major cause of pension funding shortfalls.”

The real persecutors here were not gays, they were the “Masters of the Universe” on Wall Street who just stole grandma’s retirement, and only Bernie Madoff is doing time. Ironic, in light of our incarceration rates, no?

Similarly, Michelle Rhee is promoting testing, merit pay and charter schools, while a far more reliable predictor of academic success is childhood poverty. Rhee admires Finland’ schools that educate children in a society where only 2% of kids are poor. Childhood poverty is 23% in the U.S.

The widespread promotion of fear about the gay married unionized Hispanic terrorists in the woodpile is a distraction from such larger issues. The kleptocrats can retreat to their gated communities while Walter plays the prejudice card, but what do the rest of us do?.

Adam Eran


  1. Annette says

    Wow, Gregg, your comment is so vitriolic. Gays are not heterophobic, they’re justifiably angry at specific individuals who deliberately harm them.

    You may be freaked out by gay pride parades, but I assure you, there are millions of gay parents who are just regular folks, boring soccer moms and dads just trying to raise their kids right and live their lives in peace. Getting married helps with that goal. If anyone is deconstructing marriage, it’s the straight people who treat the institution like a weekend jaunt. LGBT citizens have taken on the legal responsibilities of marriage (they can be sued for child support and alimony), so they need the legal rights that go along with the responsibilities they’ve already assumed. How does giving them those legal rights “deconstruct” marriage? It expands it to include people who are inappropriately discriminated against. Perhaps you’re confusing civil marriage with religious marriage. The latter does not change when gays are legally allowed to marry. It is the civil rights they want and need; churches are still allowed to discriminate against them.

    Interestingly, you focus on your perceived transgressions by gay MEN, while ignoring that lesbians are half the homosexuals in the world. Lesbians have a remarkably low incidence of STDs. Personally, I agree that lots of gay men have acted irresponsibly, but probably because they’re men, not because they’re gay. In fact, regarding STDs and political power plays, you’re pretty much describing what straight men have done to women for centuries. I don’t think the issue is homosexuality as much as it is gender and sociopolitical power, but from your angry comments, it sounds like that is definitely the issue for you.

    BTW, teaching kids in schools that LGBT families exist and that they deserve our respect is a GOOD thing. How would you feel if you were born gay, or born into a family with gay parents, and your schoolmates treated you like a freak. Some Christians might want to pretend gay families don’t exist. They prefer to ignore and even hide the existence of good LGBT families from their own kids, and therefore perpetuate the oppression of those gay children and straight kids with gay parents. But as American citizens, they deserve equal rights. That means they should be able to go to school without being harassed for who they or their parents are. Those “same sex” story books in schools help reduce the bullying and harassment these kids face. Isn’t that a good thing?

    Gregg, why don’t you try looking beyond gay pride parades and getting to know some of the regular gay and lesbian families in our communities? You might find that they’re not as scary or freaky as you seem to think.

  2. Gregg A. Gold says

    Hmmm, let me see. First we have queers who regularly disrupted AMA meetings & conferences with intimidating and even threatening behaviour. The threats continued until the AMA caved in in 1973 and removed homosexuality from their list of mental illenesses – not as a result of careful research and thoughtful deliberation of the facts – but because of queers making threats against individual AMA members. Next we had the birth of “pride” parades, with the participants taking the berdroom and putting it on the streets along with their demands for “equal rights.” Then we saw the upsurge of parks and other public places being used for queer sex after dark. After this we saw the appearance of AIDS and the beginning of a mounting death toll due to unprotected anal sex. Bisexual men then transferred the virus to women and suddenly nobody was safe.

    By the 1980s, homosexuals were the biggest ‘contributers” of AIDS, STDs and intestinal parasites in many major US cities, in spite of their small numbers. By the 1990s, homosexuals and lesbians were less healthy, lived shorter lives and suffered from more mental disorders and addiction problems than any other identifiable group. Even in countries such as Denmark & the Netherlands, perhaps the most tolerant nation on earth towards same-sex couples, mental illnesses, addition problems and high suicide rates were prevalent among queers.

    By the 1990s, “gay pride” became nothing more than a a freakshow, AIDS and STDs were still spreading among the GBLT “community” at a brisk pace, and if queers had enough political power to destroy your life if you dared to even disagree with them in public.

    Today, queers, trash churches, throw used condoms at catholic priests (pedophiles attacking pedophiles, go figure) “out” celebrities that they think are gay, drag their critics into “human rights” courts (Canada), demand access to our childrens classrooms, put same-sex ‘stories books” into school libraries, demand the deconstruction of marriage to include same-sex couples, and generally make complete asses of themselves at every gay “pride” freakshow.

    If you want an end to “homophobia,” then stop the heterophobia first.

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