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Smoke billowing over the U.S. Capitol. Rioters marching through the halls, carrying the Confederate battle flag. A gallows, with a noose hanging from it, erected just steps from the Capitol. Police officers beaten and tased.

These images from the Capitol riot on January 6th, 2021 will be forever seared into American history. But we must not forget that the events of this infamous day were only warning signs of a deep-rooted illness in our political system. Since then, the same members of Congress who incited armed right-wing militants to attack our Capitol have repeatedly tried to block any investigations into the events of January 6th—and their role in it.

Meanwhile, extremist politicians have kept up a drumbeat of daily lies and disinformation about the validity of the 2020 election to keep their supporters engaged and enraged, which has led to continued death threats and violence against election officials.

And they're doing it with the support of one of Washington state's biggest companies—Boeing, which employs more than 50,000 workers here.

One week after Jan. 6, following the suit of other companies and massive national pressure, Boeing released a statement announcing they were halting all political contributions to the "Sedition Caucus", the group of politicians who voted against the certification of a free and fair election.

Most companies kept their post-January 6 pledges (including big names like Allstate, American Express, Nike, Walgreens, and 79 other major corporations). Boeing didn't.

Boeing resumed political contributions to the Caucus just a few months after January 6—not coincidentally, right as Congress was considering the defense budget. According to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), Boeing's political action committee has donated almost $250,000 to lawmakers who voted to overturn the election and the party committees that boost their campaigns.

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It must be embarrassing for the tens of thousands of Boeing workers in Washington state to see their corporate PAC dollars go to legislators who turned their backs on our country and continue to lie about the election, fanning the flames of hatred and stirring up violence.

Unfortunately, this is the game that corporations play—they write big checks to politicians who control how much of our tax dollars they receive and how big their tax breaks are. We have a system that is out of balance, where the voices of everyday Washingtonians are drowned out by billionaires and big corporations like Boeing. We have a system that rewards extremist rhetoric, rather than level-headed policymaking for the common good.

Boeing states that its company values include "integrity," "transparency," and "being held accountable." Their actions in this instance violate all of those principles.

Boeing should honor its promise and demonstrate commitment to their stated values by immediately and permanently withdrawing any funding to members of Congress who voted to overturn the 2020 election.

By doing so, Boeing will be aligned with the values of its American workers, its customers, and the democratic system that governs these United States.

Let's hold Boeing accountable. Please sign the petition.

Crossposted from CommonDreams.