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Once we voted for a “President”. Now we vote for a COMMANDER AND CHIEF. How creepy is that?

Commander in Chief

Our last commentaries were on Our Revolution, the pleasant but incomplete plan by Bernie Sanders to put our country on the path to economic equality. If you remember, I pointed out that while his list of wrongs on which his campaign was predicated…free public colleges, Medicare for all, raising the minimum wage, social security and the like….it was entirely based on social programs. We’re all for it. We, too, miss Roosevelt….the last time our country embraced the poor and the middle class. But we pointed out upon hearing the breakdown of Our Revolution that the monster in the closet, the catalytic agent for our ongoing self and world destruction is our willingness…in some cases eagerness, to kill.

War is the key to the real energy in this country. And the real profit. That's why 57% of our budget goes to war. Lush words like bravery, patriotism, heroism, serving your country … are all part of the golden image used to stimulate young people to continue to sign up. So what did Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump convince us of in their first COMMANDER N CHIEF forum last Wednesday?

The shallow stupidity of these two candidates for the most powerful position in the world is, in my memory, the most embarrassing thing the United States has ever had to endure.

First, that the role of Commander and Chief is indeed their first priority. They continue to insist that our security is threatened, and they whipped up as much national paranoia among us as possible in a glamorized environment of the airplane carrier Intrepid. The fact is that since September 11, 2001…that’s 15 years ago…we were indeed attacked. But by who? Except for the Saudis (now our best friends), we still aren’t sure. Seventeen of their suicide bombers ran planes into two of our buildings in the financial section, killing 3000 of our people. That’s a lot. Almost as many as we kill monthly if not more often in the eight wars we are waging every day. Why? To stop ISIS, the group of rogue killers, from responding to the endless, pointless destruction by us of their people …..Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, among them.

Hillary Clinton assured us that we will not put one boot on the ground to fight ISIS in any of these countries, but “we will defeat them”. How? She didn't elaborate, but we know how, don't we? By the use of drones, bombs, missiles….all that good stuff that kills masses of innocent people without looking back. Turn 100 innocents into corpses in hopes of finding one enemy, that’s how. And while you’re at it, turn their country into a graveyard. Meanwhile there are already 5000 American boots on the ground in Iraq, and who knows how many in Syria. The military won't release the actual number. More and more freedom of information is becoming freedom from information. Still one can bet Hillary Clinton knows the number of our boots on the ground everywhere, Maybe it’s buried in her Emails. ( A cheap shot but with her chronic acceptance of war she deserves it.)

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Then there’s Trump’s solution to ISIS. “Take their oil.” (I didn't make this up.) And let’s not forget his pledge to keep refugees and illegals out of our country ….unless, and this is new, they join the armed forces. Then, we welcome them. So to Trump that’s the tradeoff: get deported or go out there and kill strangers for the glory of your new country. Then come back here, if there’s enough left of you to make it back, and maybe we’ll let you stay. Isn’t that that what Hannibal, Charlemagne, and other barbarians did with their slaves? In fact, isn’t that what we did with some of ours during the Civil War?

The shallow stupidity of these two candidates for the most powerful position in the world is, in my memory, the most embarrassing thing the United States has ever had to endure. Oh, there were other moments which make us blush….Truman forcing his daughter Margaret to sing in Carnegie Hall, Nixon whining to the world “I am not a crook”, Clinton looking straight in the camera waging his finger at us outraged, “I did not have sex with that woman…Monica Lewinsky.”

But those moments are kid stuff compared to Hillary’s and Trump’s pledges to stop our wars by doing what? Waging more war of course.

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over again and expect a different result. What does that say about our two candidates for President? Excuse me, I mean Commander and Chiefs.


And if we buy it, what does that say about us?

Lila Garett
Connecting the Dots