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Every man during his life finds himself in relation to truth in the position of a man walking in the darkness with a light thrown before him by the lantern he carries. He does not see what is not yet lit up by the lantern. He does not see what he has passed which is hidden in the darkness. At every stage of his journey he sees only what is lit up by the lantern, and he can always choose one side of the road or the other.

Yet, there are always unseen truths not readily revealed to man’s intellectual vision, and there are other truths outlived, forgotten, and unconsciously assimilated by him. There are also certain truths that rise up before the light of his reason that require his recognition. It is in the recognition or non-recognition of these truths that his freedom is manifested.

All the difficulty and insolubility of the question of the true freedom of man results from those who tried to solve the question by imagining man as a mere manipulative, in stationary stasis in his relation to the truth.

The ultimate question today and for the ages continues to be; what forces the classes of mankind to believe in the immutability of the existing order from which they devine no advantage, and which they aid by maintaining untrue facts contrary to their conscience.

The condition of mankind, continually behaving against the dictates of their conscience is like that of a hypnotized society behaving by subtle suggestion.

This obsequious obedience to government suggestion and public opinion, and the guidance of the moral sense of religion, and the existing order of society, is a stupefaction of cultural conscience, produced simultaneously by the greed and self-interest of hegemonic corporatocracy, and through the hypnotic spectacle, purposely put upon the lower classes.

Our long history is crowded with evidences proving that physical coercion is not adapted to moral regeneration, and that the amoral dispositions of men can be subdued only by love.

Evil can be eradicated only by good. History has taught us that it is not safe to rely on the strength of an arm to preserve us from harm. Our only resolve is in the great security in being gentle, patient, long suffering, and abundant in mercy.

Whatever the conscious man does, he acts just as he does and not otherwise, only because he recognizes that to act as he is acting is in accord with the truth, or because he has recognized it in the past, and is now only through inertia and habit, acting in accordance with his previous recognition of truth, in spite of his frequent departure from it.

Therefore man, though not free in his acts, always feels himself free via his egotism, in what is the motive of his acts. It is this recognition or non-recognition of truth that continues to be our life long moral dilemma. Man allows himself to feel independent, not only of facts external and hidden to his own personality, but even of his own actions.

Only by letting men cease to be hypocrites will they come to see that this cruel social organization, which holds them in bondage, and is represented to them as something viable, stable, and necessary, as ordained by God, is rapidly imploding, and is only slyly supported by the falsehoods of hypocrisy, like the machinations of NATO, which the stupefied and others like us support.

It has long been clear from the very simplest, most commonplace point of view, that it is madness to remain under the roof of a burning building, and that we must leave it.

It is difficult to imagine a position more immoral than that of the world today, with the leviathan Pentagon and the United States and NATO, (the coalition of the coerced) arming nations against one another. The rightful hatred of the working class toward the rich is ever growing more intense with the Damocles sword of war, forever hanging over the heads of all.

In 1935, a great truth was spoken by US Maj. Smedley Butler when he stated, “War is a racket. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is all about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war, a few people make huge fortunes.”

General Butler’s prescient observation on truth, and the lack of revealed truth 87 years ago exactly describes the US/NATO response to the Ukraine war.

The unrevealed truth and propaganda continues to portray the war in Ukraine as that of an unprovoked villain out to destroy an innocent, unless the US and NATO contribute huge amounts of military arms to Ukraine to defeat the Russians.

Devastating invasions from Germany and regimes supported by the US have killed 30 million Russians in the last century, which is why maintaining a buffer of neutral countries between it and potentially hostile powers has been so important to Russia’s security.

The Warsaw Pact of 1991 promised an end to the Cold War. But the Clinton administration and the administrations that followed broke the promise of a peace dividend. Instead of disbanding NATO, the US and western allies nearly doubled its size and encircled Russia with military bases.

In the 30 years since the dissolution of the USSR, NATO has integrated most of Eastern Europe, through its 40 CIA sponsored national operations like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and its fraudulent color revolutions.

Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, the US has sought to regime change and control governments in former Soviet states and spheres of influence, including Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Foreign policy analysts including Henry Kissinger and Joe Biden himself in 1997 said that NATO encirclement could lead to a counterattack by Russia.

The US and its corporate media cheerleaders have no moral authority to condemn Russia following two decades of their own regime change and resources wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya, wars that have killed millions of innocent people, injured and displaced countless more, and devastated and destroyed the infrastructure of those countries. Libya, one of the most prosperous African nations, was reduced to a failed state run by CIA sponsored warlords after progressive leader Muammar Gaddafi sought to form a United States of Africa with its own gold backed currency. The US-backed Saudi war in Yemen has plunged the country into a horrifying famine, 17 million people food insecure.

In Ukraine the Obama-Biden administration staged a coup in 2014, replacing a democratically-elected president who supported Russia with a puppet state supporting the US and Europe. Ukraine’s eight-year conflict and shelling of the separatist Donbas region has killed 14,000 people. The new government and military are run by Nazis and are some of the most corrupt on the continent.

Just like it did with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Syria, the US is funding and arming Nazis in Ukraine to fight Russia with the enthusiastic support of the Biden administration and republicans and democrats. The US has also been caught running bioweapons labs in the country.

The same corporate media outlets that cover “Putin’s war” nonstop, without the slightest historical context, conveniently find no time to cover even larger humanitarian disasters that the US has created. Last week the New York Times, a tool of oligarchy and the CIA, declared that “Russia’s war in Ukraine is especially dangerous after decades of relative peace worldwide.”

In addition to NATO encirclement, the war in Ukraine is about coveting natural resources. As Halford Mackinder, the maniacal Malthusian British imperialist posited in 1904, “Eastern Europe and Eurasia was the pivot point to hegemonic power. Whoever controlled it would control power over the world.“

Russia supplies 35 percent of Europe’s natural gas, and the US natural gas industry, per Mackinder’s hegemonic madness, wants to take over that market, a goal the Pentagon shares, to “reduce Europe’s dependence on Russia.” Ukraine is also rich in strategic minerals like lithium, essential for battery operated vehicles, titanium, zinc, and coltan, the essential ingredient for IPhones. Ukraine is also rich in coal and arable land. It is one of the world’s largest bread baskets and food exporters, including staples like wheat and corn.

The war has increased food prices and could lead to famine in countries that are heavily dependent on Ukraine such as Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon and Turkey. Countries that are already some of the most food insecure are expected to be the worst affected, including Bangladesh, Madagascar and Yemen.

War profiteers in both parties have called to escalate the war with a no fly zone, an action so dangerous that NATO has ruled it out, warning that it could lead to a “full fledged war in Europe,” and a nuclear war. That hasn’t stopped Biden from calling for regime change in Russia, declaring in Poland, “For God’s sake this man can’t remain in power.” Nor has it stopped a large majority in Congress from sending $13 billion in weapons to Ukraine, while they canceled $15 billion in Covid aid for Americans.

Some in the corporate media are openly hoping for a prolonged Russian occupation of Ukraine so that the US can back an insurgency that drains Russia’s resources. Members of Congress are shamefully personally profiting from insider trading off the war, giving them another immoral incentive to escalate the killing.

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US bipartisan foreign policy and NATOs continued existence and expansion, display that in the minds of the Pentagon and Wall Street, the Cold War never ended in 1991, it just entered a new phase. The US continued to view Russia as a major enemy and based its foreign policy on subjugating it. It never reduced its gross military spending or ended the never audited Pentagon trillion dollar budgets. It cruelly never delivered the promised peace dividends to Americans.

From the moment the USSR broke apart, with the help of $286 billion in ten year US Treasury bonds, issued to a few “private” and nominee investors cloaked in strict secrecy and cover by the NSA, used to bribe the alcoholic Brezhnev and Russian oligarchs, that came due during the week of September 11, 2001, the US has engaged in a systematic campaign to turn the former Soviet Union and Soviet-allied states into US satellite states, either by regime change, war, coercive NATO induction, economic debt incumbrance, political coups and overthrows.

This policy is failing and backfiring as China, India and Russia develop a new Silk Road of trading with high speed rail, and alternative monetary systems based on their sovereign currencies, replacing the petrodollar’s status as the global reserve currency with a new multipolar set of currencies, moving us closer to a multipolar world. Deeper relationships and economic collaboration on projects such as China’s Belt and Road Initiative between Russia, China and India will be a progressive lasting legacy of this NATO created war.

As is always the case with unrevealed truth, such as NATO war making, the version of events is being manipulated to bring the emotional response necessary to benefit the special interests of war, the military-congressional industrial complex.

War profiteer Raytheon CEO Greg Hayes recently addressed a meeting of shareholders stating, “Everything that’s being shipped to the Ukraine today, of course, is coming out of stockpiles, either at DOD or from our NATO allies, and that’s great news. Eventually we will have to replenish it and we will see a benefit to the business.”

He wasn’t lying, he was revealing truth. Raytheon, along with Lockheed Martin, and General Dynamics, controlled by the Crown family of Chicago, and countless other weapons manufacturers are enjoying a windfall in riches they haven’t seen in years.

The US has committed more than 3 billion dollars in military aid, or corporate welfare, with Washington’s congressional military complex sending billions to US military manufacturers for weapons sent overseas.

Many of these military shipments, like the Javelin anti-tank missile, made by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, are getting destroyed as soon as they arrive in Ukraine. The more weapons blown up by Russia in the Ukraine, the more new orders come from the Pentagon.

Former Warsaw Pact countries now members of the coalition of the coerced, NATO, are part of the scam, part of the unrevealed truth as well. They have discovered how to dispose of old Soviet made weapons and receive modern replacements from the US and other western NATO countries.

As former US Military intelligence officer Scott Ridder said, “I can say with absolute certainty that even if this aid makes it to the battlefield, it will have no impact on the battle, and Biden knows it.“

The Russians are capturing modern US and NATO weapons in massive amounts and even using them to kill more Ukrainians. Here lies the huge irony, perpetuated by centuries of unrevealed truth and war.

With thousands of tons of deadly-high tech military equipment moving around Europe, what kinds of opportunities will derive to the Pentagon and CIA created terrorists and sleeper cells to bring about more military mayhem?

The never audited Pentagon has admitted that it has no way of tracking the weapons it is sending to Ukraine, and no way to keep them out of the hands of the bad guys the OSS and CIA created after employing the Nazis Gehlen spy network in Eastern Europe and Ukraine after WW II, and terrorist sleeper cells since 9/11.

To understand what NATO encirclement would look like against the US, imagine Russia forming a hostile military alliance in the Western Hemisphere with 30 countries marching right to our southern border in Mexico. The US would start a nuclear war to prevent such an existential threat. NATO should have been abandoned when the Warsaw Pact disbanded after the Cold War. It serves no purpose now other than as an aggressor outside of the UN security framework.

This is the ultimate evil of mankind, an evil of egotism and the unrevealed and the unrecognized divinity of truth. Blind hypocrisy today is wholly denied by the corporate controlled media. It has reached such proportions of unrevealed truth that we cannot believe that man could attain such a pitch of self-deception.

Present day American culture has come into an extraordinary condition of truth denial, their hearts so hardened by corrupt plutocracy that they see without seeing, they hear without hearing, and they understand not.

Since warring began, men have been living in antagonism to their own conscience. If it were not for the blatant denial of hypocrisy they could not go on living such a life of lies. This social organization in opposition to their conscience only continues to exist because its hypocrisy is disguised and sheltered by the corrupt corporate media.

The greater the divergence between actual life and men’s conscience, the greater the extension of hegemonic hypocrisy. But, even hypocrisy reaches its end points in sophistry, and with the Ukraine war, we have finally reached those limits.

No revolution could be more advantageous for the great mass of population than the destruction of the present order or rather disorder of our life, with its daily sacrifices to exhausting and unnatural toil, to poverty, drunkenness, drug addiction, and corporate and political lies and profligacy. All the American hegemonic wars and economic sanctions throughout the world currently, swallow up in one year, more victims than all the wars and revolutions of the past centuries.

Every war, even the most quietly conducted like the debt encumbrance and interest rate apartheid wars viciously applied on people and countries that are too progressive, by the IMF, and World Bank have the same consequences; the privatization of sovereign resources, the destruction of harvests, robberies, and the free license to debauchery. All this murder and mayhem, come with hypocrisy and the abandonment of truth and conscience. They are put forth upon man with the lying justifications and hypocrisies of necessity and justice, of bringing or establishing democracy.

They plague our good conscience by glorifying military exploits, the worship of the flag, the patriotic sentiments, the feigned solicitude for our veterans and the wounded.

History has shown that from Caesar to Napoleon, from Napoleon to Bismarck, from Bismarck to Hitler, from Hitler to the OSS, CIA, and to the Pentagon, NSA and all the NGO, US agencies of war, and the resultant Military Industrial Congressional Complex, government is in its essence always a force acting in violation of justice. Justice has no binding effect on US rulers and the authoritative demagogues they bring to rule in other countries worldwide. These rulers keep men deluded and drilled in readiness for acts of violence, by keeping the minimum wage below a basic living standard, with no universal health care,forcing young men and women into poor conscience and unrevealed truth.

American corporate rulers and their congressional pimps, can never be brought to consent to diminish the number of these drilled slaves, who are not allowed to express their innate good conscience, because these warring armed slaves to criminal US hegemony, constitute their entire power and importance.

The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity by contributing to the enlightened establishment of the kingdom of truth, which can only be done by the recognition and profession of the revealed truth by every man.

The contradiction between life and conscience and the misery of war resulting from it have reached the extreme limit and can go no further. The US organization of life based on violence and injustice, has long since come to the point of universal renouncement of the defenseless ruling authorities.

The antagonism between life and conscience must be eviscerated, by the Christian law of the brotherhood of man existing in enduring divine good conscience. The entire historic existence of mankind is the gradual transition from the personal, animal conception of life, and from the social conception of life, to the divine conception of life.

There is a good book considered by billions around the world to be the answer to mankind’s saving grace. In that book, the main character, who was adored and followed by millions, gently talked of peace and divine truth.

The only time that this peace maker displayed any act of violence to his people, was when, shortly before his death, he revealed the unrevealed truth and overturned the tables of the usurious money lenders in their Temple.

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”-John viii. 32.