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While the Republican snakepit known as their convention continued to bat us between revulsion and fascination, we lost track of one important thing. They—the Republican leadership and their mad dog cheering section—mean it. They use fear and more fear to convince us that we need war and more war. The locks are off the door and the inmates are running the asylum…and when they insist that the enemy—which includes just about anybody who is not lily white, and preferably Christian—is about to devour us, it appears we have two choices:

new peace movement

New Peace Movement on Steroids Needed Now!—Lila Garrett

  • Lock our doors, hide in the basement, disappear under burkas or choice, or
  • Start a counter movement so positive, so powerful, so defining that the hate mongers are driven back into the dark hole where they belong.

Why can’t we have a planet where we find nurturing each other more of a turn on than killing each other, a planet where education means learning the truth not memorizing the lies, a planet where caring instead of fear is used to motivate action.

Ironically this movement should not be violent. That technique is for them—the Trump mongers, the Mitch McConnells the Rudy Guillianis, the Scott Walkers….too many to list—put them all together and what have you got? The missing link. We have to organize and fast before we, the civilized species, are devoured by the raging right. Why can’t we have a planet where we find nurturing each other more of a turn on than killing each other, a planet where education means learning the truth not memorizing the lies, a planet where caring instead of fear is used to motivate action.

Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so.

It’s time for the thing that has always worked—the grassroots action that resonates more effectively than any other. What we need is a real peace movement. Not just a few scattered groups. A coalition of all of them, and more, to form an aggressive peace movement that means business. Code Pink on Steroids. The kind of peace movement that stopped the fighting in Korea in the 1950s. The kind of peace movement that stopped the devastating war in Vietnam in the 1970s. The kind of peace movement that, at least for a while, got us out of Iraq. When that peace movement ended, we went back in. Did you notice that? I bet the over 500 more troops we quietly sent back into Iraq last month noticed it.

A peace movement is what we must rally around. An old-fashioned peace movement where we take to the streets, to the Congress, to the White House, whatever it takes. We’re now in eight wars. Six months ago it was seven. Welcome to the Club Algeria. The rest are Iraq, Libya, Iran (yes Iran) Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan.

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Stop all of them. Stop the sale of arms to foreign countries. Convert our war economy to a consumer economy—an economy where we manufacture computers for learning instead of drones for killing, where we manufacture fabrics for clothes instead of shrouds. Do it now. Later could be too late.

But that’s not going to happen unless we face the reality of where we really are. While the savage right insists our military is shabby and underfunded, its budget is the largest in the world…now over a trillion dollars a year. The military is drowning in money.

While the Trumpsters rage about our helplessness, we have a thousand bases all over the world, more than the rest of the world put together. While Trump and his clones insist that we are not safe, that the enemy is everywhere, that we are helpless against the arms aimed at our heart, we are the ones who manufactured and sold the world more of those arms than any other country on earth.

And, get this, there is a new determination to get more arms out there and fast. David Swanson warned us about that last week in his rant on the US plans to saturate the globe with weapons. And, here is the kicker. We don't care to whom they go. We already know that we supplied ISIS with arms…and I don't mean the arms the so-called fleeing troops of Iraq left behind. I mean deliberate sales, for real money.

As always, the arms industry has neither allies nor enemies. Only customers. We know multiple sides in Syria are fighting with American arms. And hello there, Africa—better watch out because here we come. Actually, Africa has been in our crosshairs for some time, according to journalist Norman Solomon. Shortly he tells us about The Most Important Air Force Base You’ve Never Heard Of.

Before we get this fascinating, if terrifying report from Norman, let’s complete our interview with David Swanson. It began with his rant that started this way:


I then questioned David Swanson about the US Plans to Saturate the Globe with Weapons. We’ve saved that for conversation for now. Here’s the link. Enjoy.

Lila Garrett
Connect the Dots