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It's been refreshing for a few weeks, having the Donald attacking China, and leaving Iran to take care of its own Covid-19 problems. I'm sure the Iranian mullah's are relieved to be left out of the Donald's daily campaign rallies. They may be learning about the new world of military diplomacy, as well, after the Donald tweeted his plan to "shoot down" Iranian boats in international waters, but the Pentagon quickly announced that it had received no such Order from the White House.

Shooting Down Iranian Boats

Yes, we've reached a new dimension in military relations with the White House. Over our history, the U.S. military has remained staunchly loyal and obedient to civilian rule. The few officers who have wanted a military coup to "save the U.S." have never garnered any support, and our fighting men and women have submitted themselves to battle in wars justified and ridiculous, as they have been ordered by civilian leaders, both wise and corrupt.

With the military bosses now feeling empowered, and required, to communicate directly with Iran, denying one of the Donald's tweets, we may be entering a new type of diplomacy. This may be necessary, as our former State Department has been taken over by an Armageddon-seeking profiteer who believes that colonial war is the highest aspiration of the "christian" businessman.

It may be part of this new military spirit that the military leaders in the U.S. Navy this week recommended that the Captain of the Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Roosevelt be returned to command, after he was defrocked by a Donald Drooler for the "offence" of putting the medical safety of his crew above the re-election campaign of the Donald. Another Donald Drooler, with no history of military honor at all, will make the final decision about the captain. But it is noteworthy that the career military, the "deep state" military, now feels empowered to speak up in favor of their own instead of kowtowing to the Donald.

The Pentagon's announcement that there were no actual orders to violate international law and "shoot down" Iranian boats came as the new crescent moon was spotted last Thursday, and the holy month of Ramadan began. Reducing war tensions during the holy month might be coincidental or it might be intelligently tactical. Time may tell.

While the Donald and his klepto-crew have shifted their attention to how best to monetize the Covid-19 crisis, much of the for-profit "christian" community remains focused on bashing Moslems.

Time will also tell us about the success of the home-schooling effort which has been thrust upon unexpecting and mostly unwilling parents. There is a cadre of home-schooling zealots, mostly associated with anti-science fundagelical "christian" churches. While the Donald and his klepto-crew have shifted their attention to how best to monetize the Covid-19 crisis, much of the for-profit "christian" community remains focused on bashing Moslems.

It is reasonable to wonder how their hatred of Islam and everything related to Islam is playing out in their home-schooling activities.

One of the most obvious ways of expressing outrage over the invasion of Middle-Eastern Islamic values into our beloved, white western civilization would be to eradicate Arabic numerals from our lives. Many groups, including the revolting (but not revolutionary) "Proud Boys" proclaim that the Holy Roman Empire marked the pinnacle of Western Civilization. Everything since the fall of that empire has been "decline." But as one Proud Boy mouthpiece "Larry Talbot" (Proud Boys are too "smart" to use their real names when posting online), proclaimed in February, the Donald is in fact, a "God-Emperor." It is only a matter of time before he restores the glory that was once Rome.

The Romans had their own system of numbers. They didn't need any damn Arabic numerals. I wonder if a lot of church-affiliated home-school efforts are now trying to teach arithmetic and even algebra to their children, using Roman numerals, so that when stay-at-home Orders are lifted, and the damn gub'mint schools reopen their children will be able to charge to the forefront of math classes with facility in Roman numeral manipulation.

Another feature of home-schooled, "christian" children returning to school may be an aversion to soap. We are told, daily, over and over, to wash our hands. But will the home-schooling community put this instruction in a truly "christian" historical context?

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Humans apparently became aware of soap sometime between 2,500 and 4,000 B.C.E. (or B.C. for "christians"). The Egyptians had soap, as did the Babylonians. But for those societies, and for the Roman Empire, soap was not for personal cleaning, but for hairdressing and other cosmetic purposes.

Soap as a personal hygiene material was developed by Islamic scholars of the 9th and 10th centuries. While medieval Christian kings and feudal lords, and the priests who advised them, disdained cleanliness, bathing, etc. particularly through colder months, Moslems were learning to bath and wash regularly. When we think of the "Black Death" in Europe, we are thinking of what is considered the Second great plague pandemic. The first lasted (including regular reoccurrences) from about 540-750 A.D. and extended from Egypt to the far east and to Mongolia, as well as Europe.

While Christians prayed, Moslem scholars learned. The second, Black Death, pandemic killed one-third of the European population. But it wasn't such a huge problem in the Moslem Middle-East, where cleanliness was respected and practiced. After the first pandemic, Moslem scholars and businessmen developed soap in easy to handle and carry bars. And they developed perfumed soaps, centuries before TV battles over which soaps had the most refreshing scent.

If "christian" home schoolers get wind of the Moslem roots of modern soap and cleanliness habits, might they swear off washing, as well as off of social distancing?

While the Catholic Church spent centuries burning books and suppressing science and critical thinking, Islamic nations went to great effort to build extensive libraries and to promote scholarship, including research and robust debate. While men have known about alcohol as a 'necessary' ingredient of drinks since the Stone Age, the use of alcohol as a disinfectant was first developed by Moslem scientist Rhazes, who died in 925 A.D.

Rhazes also promoted the use of isolation, which became "quarantining," as a tool to avoid epidemics. Isolation of infected people is documented in 8th century Islamic medicine. Rhazes was followed by Ibn Sina, who’s five volume The Canon of Medicine, published in 1025, was translated into Latin and remained the main medical textbook in Europe until the 18th century.

These Islamic scholars might be seen as responsible for the infiltration of Arabic numerals into Europe, because their writings were so widely studied and taught in European universities. Since so much of "christian" America believes that all science is bad and wrong, this history could be argued as support for ignoring quarantine orders, going out to demand "liberated" states, and gathering closely around at churches.

We hear so much about the Moslem "invasion" of Europe and "jihad" against the U.S. that it might be a natural step for "christian" home schoolers to rebel against all this terrible Islamic science, as well as against Arabic numerals. As natural steps go, this one might collide with the natural fact of modern medicine. The modern for-profit churches were suffering large declines in membership before the pandemic. Their elderly, mostly white congregations, ignoring science as an Islamic threat could increase that decline dramatically.

We have just entered the holy month of Ramadan. One thing that has not been a feature of this year's Ramadan planning is protests against social distancing, the closure of mosques and the need for "zoom" celebrations. It's almost as if the Moslems, with their traditions of learning and studying are better prepared for a pandemic than the "christians."

Tom Hall

Tom Hall

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