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What Doesn’t Surprise Me Is That Cheney’s Death Squads Don’t Surprise Me – Or Anyone Else

Dick Cheney initiated secret death squads.



Wait, what? Did I hear that right? It sounded like Seymour Hersh had some information that when he was vice chancellor, er oops, I mean vice president, Dick Cheney's office DID NOT dispatch death squads to take care of certain undesirables around the world.

Stunning. Oh wait. He DID dispatch death squads. OK. That I believe.

Well, after hearing of the "water boarding is dandy" memos and then the leakage of other memos saying, basically, George W. Bush can be a dictator if he wants, why on Earth would anybody be shocked.

And that's what's shocking - that it's not shocking.

I'm beginning to wonder if when they were kind of running together years ago in the Ford White House, Dick and his bud Herman, er oops, I mean Donald Rumsfeld weren't a notch above those Columbine bad boys, Eric and Dylan, dreaming and scheming about a Fourth Reich. And boy did they not take their best shot.

25 years in the making, there they were, hitting the ground running after the 9/11 - "Pearl Harbor moment" the Project for the New American Century was waiting for. While the trade center towers were still smoldering, there appeared a thousand page piece of draconian legislation called "The Patriot Act". That was a thousand page cart blanche to "protect the country" by, apparently, any means necessary.

And as any respectable junta would require, we now hear about the death squads - just when you thought it couldn't get any worse than Blackwater.

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Does Seymour Hersh have it right? Did they kill anybody?

Who knows.

But what we DO know is, after those infamous Anthrax attacks in late 2001 (yes, Ari Fleischer and other Bush legacy spinners, we WERE attacked again after 9/11), an impossible number of major microbiologists worldwide (five in 33 days), who dealt with among other things biological weapons, ended up dead by accident, murder or suicide.

Did they know too much?

And, to continue musing, what about Enron's Ken Lay (now dead). He definitely knew too much. Was he about to blab?

bob illes

So waterboarding? Eavesdropping? Death squads? Almost daily, new sordid information about back stage at the Bush White House slowly drips out - like blood.

by Robert Illes

Robert Illes is an Emmy winning television writer and producer, currently developing series for Nickelodeon and TV Land. He is an LA native, and a graduate of USC, who lived in Sherman Oaks for 23 years before escaping to Santa Monica (but visits a lot). A member of Valley Democrats United, Bob is also an AirAmericaRadio freak, active in the Writers Guild mentor program, as well as the Democratic party, and is constantly Bush bashing, fighting for verifiable voting procedures, and fighting against Jerry's Deli showing Fox News on their overhead TVs. What's the matter with those people!?

Internet radio show "Funny is Money" starring Bob Illes is now on nightly at 7 PM Pacific time CHECK IT OUT!

Reprinted with permission from the Valley Democrats United newsletter, Margie Murray, Editor, where the article first appeared.