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Would You Believe 14 Million Emails Were Lost by the Bush White House?

Believe it or not. You don’t believe it? You’re probably right. More likely it’s 28 million e-mails that are lost or missing. How could this happen? All White House communications not regarded as top secret or considered intelligence sensitive, are supposed to be put in the archives. Instead, the RNC computer delete keys must be worn down and shredder manufacturer’s stock must have gone way up.


To start with, the Bush Company set out to be the most secretive administration in United States history. The secrecy was the only endeavor in which the Bush administration succeeded. (well, sort of succeeded) To aid in the secrecy, the GOP hatched a clandestine plot to avoid the Hatch Act consequences. The Republican National Committee gave the Rodent and Chief, Karl Rove, at least 50 personal laptops, with accounts directly connected to the RNC computers. We suspect the RNC also has the largest and most advanced, datamining equipment. The Corporate Media didn’t seem to notice the potential malfeasance of violating the Hatch Act, big time.

THE HATCH ACT of 1939. This Act was amended when Newt (a small, slimy semi-aquatic animal found in dank, dark places) introduced the RNC’s Contract on America in 1993. The then new majority GOP (rhymes with FLOP) Congress also amended the Hatch Act to be more to their liking. However, the GOP let some of the old provisions slip by for Federal Employees: Federal Employees:

  • May not engage in political activity in any government office
  • May not engage in political activity while on duty
  • May not engage in political activity while using a government vehicle- (Rove must have laughed hard as he broke each prohibited activity- “Prove it!” he must have thought. Or “It was an accident losing the 14 million e-mails.”)

Then and now, there’s been no complaint by the compliant Corporate media.

How did Bush assure secrecy for his administration? Remember Admiral John Poindexter of Iran-Contra fame? The Admiral had 5 felony convictions for lying to Congress, the convictions being overturned by a Republican Judge. So of course the former felon was the perfect fit as the Director of the Information Assurance Office, an agency that includes “Truth Maintenance.” Who better to maintain truth then a GOP convicted liar. Poindexter was aided by the FBI, CIA, NSA and major telephone companies, particularly to wire-tap or bug the top Democrats, during pre-election time, so the GOP could be a step ahead of the Democrats, before Senator Kennedy, or Senator Kerry, were able to release their electoral strategy across the country.

Then there was hope regarding acting on the illicit e-mails in March of 2007: “Waxman Reveals New Evidence Showing White House Use of Political E-mail Accounts” Congressman Waxman, Chairman of the House Government and Oversight Committee said the new e-mail communications provided further evidence that White House employees were trying to circumvent the archives system.

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Many of the emails were regarding appointment positions for crony Republican’s only. Susan Ralston, Karl Rove’s executive assistant, invited two lobbyists working for Jack Abramoff to use her RNC e-mail account to avoid “security issues” with the White House e-mail system, writing: “I now have an RNC blackberry which you can use to e-mail me at any time. No security issues like my WH email.”

Karl Rove was supposed to appear before Senator Leahy’s Committee, but King Contempt of Congress Rove, managed to postpone his appearance for three weeks. Turd Blossom as he’s known to w and all those he walks in neocon lockstep with, will undoubtedly find another excuse not to appear.

How do the unindicted GOP criminal’s get away with their crimes against the United States ? The most obvious reasons are the Republican criminal acts are so outrageous that people don’t believe a government official or political party would do such evil and illegal things.

It’s obvious the Republicans currently own the public airwaves, along with most of the Corporate media. It’s clear now, when the Bush/Cheney Company were in the White House, they used every manner of private and public communication for Republican gain and personal aggrandizement. Certainly, thinking people know the Iraq war was created for obtaining oil, profit and power. The neocons (Cheney & Company) laid out their invasion plan for Iraq and the control of the middle-east in their White Paper of 1997, The Project for the New American Century. The Republicons, who can lie as easily as they breathe, even suggested the cost for the war project would be $187 billion.

Of course it’s quite possible that the 14 million lost messages could have gone from agencies like NSA, CIA, directly to the Bush White House, then directly to the RNC’s huge data mining center. Corporations, insurance companies, HMO’ and Republicons would love to have private personal information for their various markets. Perhaps Supply-Side and Voodoo economics don’t work, but with the all new data mining the Republicon’s could have obtained, it will be worth trillions. Who bothers to talk billions anymore?


Jerry Drucker