This Week in the LA Progressive — 25 April to 1 May, 2010

matthew sheparad memorialWe Have To Get Wall Street Out of Washington – Here is Why! — Monday, April 26. With articles by Robert Reich, Kevin Lynn, Maro-Solis Marich, Cynthia Loo, John Delloro, and Joseph Palermo.

The Harshest Immigration Bill in America — Tuesday, April 27. With articles by Mario Solis-Marich, Andrea Christina Nill, Berry Craig, K. Danielle Edwards, and Georgianne Nienaber.

Progressive Alternative to the Tea Partiers — Wednesday, April 28. With articles by Lydia Howell, Linda Milazzo, Tina Dupuy, Jim Fuller, David Love, and Michael Sigman

Ivy League Makes Nice with ROTC — Thursday, May 29. With articles by Irene Monroe, Robert Reich, Wendy Block, Tom Degan, and Denis Campbell.

Babies Who Make You Think — Friday, May 30. With articles by Charley James and Lulu Demain, Carl Matthes, Kenneth Weisbrode, Anthony Asadullah Samad, Tom Degan, and John Delloro.

Why Blacks Fight Immigration Reform — Saturday, May 1. With articles by Sikivu Hutchinson, Carl Bloice, Jerry Drucker, Mario Solis-Marich, Ed Rampell, and Tracy Emblem

This week’s articles.


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