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With regard to being fit, the internet has consistently offered a double-edged sword. Amid COVID-19 when there are no gyms to train at and no personal trainers who can set us straight, all those gym rats have is the web. But, the question arises in the choice of your influencer. You'd want to make the most of your quarantine time and stay fit, and the perfect fitness influencer will help you do that.

David Karli

As an ivy-trained physician, fitness influencer, entrepreneur, and someone who actively advises other entrepreneurs, Dr. Karli feels that work is a grind. It takes courage and a ton of hustle, and except if you're cautious, you can burn yourself out on it before long. To make sense of how to fuel an apparently relentless working style, while also balancing work with mental peace, Dr. Karli tried a wide range of working styles and fitness and wellness programs and settled down to strength training.

As an ivy-trained physician, fitness influencer, entrepreneur, and someone who actively advises other entrepreneurs, Dr. Karli feels that work is a grind.

Be it strength training, mobility, or meditation, David Karli's fitness sessions have got you covered. David Karli (@davidkarli) brings a scientific approach to fitness and training for entrepreneurs and regularly shares new workout moves with followers. He's also the CEO of Greyledge Technologies. As a fitness influencer, David has reworked on the regular fitness regimen to incorporate "DKFit", a combination of Fitness ideas and Nutrition. His workouts help you to gain strength and also condition your body in a great way not only to destress but also to improve performance outside of the gym.

Karli started his fitness channel as a personal chronicle. Soon it started striking chords with millions of people watching him online and today, David Karli's Instagram boasts 115k followers. His personal brands, namely, is DKFit and DKTv focus mainly on self-improvement and positivity. 

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On asked about the day-to-day grind David has to put himself through being a fitness influencer, a physician and a CEO, David surprisingly explains that challenging one's inner self is the biggest challenge. He says, "Self-evaluating yourself and making things bigger every other time is the biggest challenge I face."

A doctor who thinks different

After the foundation of Greyledge Technologies, David Karli pursued an Executive MBA, while he was practicing full-time at one of the most enriched sports medicine clinics the world has to offer. "I believe it is our responsibility always to question if something can be done better and then execute on those ideas.", says Karli. 

David Karli always had an affinity towards Entrepreneurship. The enormous effort and passion they put into an idea to develop it from a scratch to something that didn't exist before, intrigues him, Karli explains. "Entrepreneurship is a fascinating topic having good and bad lessons to learn." He launched Entrepreneur MD with his partner Zoe Bedford, a program that helps high achievers optimize their health and improve their life. 

With so much of happening on such huge quarters (and everything dispersed on the digital media and real-life), a question naturally arises is how Karli manages everything. What about overexposure? Surprisingly, Karli appears undaunted. Even though he recognizes his mistakes and learned from them, he admits that "there wasn't fear."

While medicine is certainly Karli’s forte, over the years, this versatile personality has transitioned into several other categories. While maintaining a full-time medical practice, he covers topics as diverse as strength training, fitness, stress-relief programs for entrepreneurs and then positivity, and entrepreneurship on various digital media channels. 

With so much happening, David's hectic routine has no time for negativity in the influencer industry. Revealing how he unwinds, David explains that his family time with his son helps him do it and has a separate priority in life. Also, Karli indulges in strength training very often to ensure he stays mentally and physically fit. That David Karli has carved a versatile niche for himself, in the digital space and as a physician, is seldom surprising. What’s not is the enormous effort he puts in every other aspect of his career in trying to be the best.