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Donald J: Judgement Day and Our Digital Dystopia

Tim Duff: The outright lies, misstatements and deceptions you have told daily now after nearly 4 years amounts to 21,445. How can you explain this, how can you have any respect for yourself?
Donald j

Donald J. was standing before St. Peter at the gate. St. Peter asked him, “What have you done for the good of humankind?” “I’ve made people rich,” Donald responded, “wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. I gave them huge tax breaks and gave them billions of dollars. I helped them buy expensive cars, homes around the world, yachts and all the finest things in life. I helped them send their kids to the finest private schools.”

St. Peter pondered and thought…

Right judgement and conscious altruism began its demise when the first computing machine was created for the Army in 1946 at the University of Pennsylvania Moore school of Electrical engineering. The world’s first computing machine was called ENIAC, the electrical numerical integrator and calculator. But, as we know now, ENIAC would just be the first, the Neanderthal and the Cro-Magnon. It would have children and grand-children and great-great-great grand-children, who would make calculations like millions per second.

On Sunday, August 15,, 1971, President Nixon preempted television to announce the closing of the gold standard.

The outright lies, misstatements and deceptions you have told daily now after nearly 4 years amounts to 21,445. How can you explain this, how can you have any respect for yourself?

Soon after this came the initial phase in the world of computer linked financial servers and financial quants, when digital networking first greatly increased the ambition and greed that had been at the margins of the world of finance. Beginning in the early 1980’s and exploding in the 1990’s finance became networked, and for the first time market ideations, schemes, and scams were able to exceed the pre-digital limitations of human deception. There is a very real argument about whether the weakening of regulations was the cause of the debacles, or if the regulations were weakened because the temptations of overcoming them became so great due to the new technologies. Financiers now put more effort into political influence than they ever had.

This financial networking created a phenomenon where the same money might be earning interest at two different banks at opposite ends of the world at the same time. No one at any of the banks involved would have a clue. The financial severs work the same fluctuation, they hook into a feedback system with each other and inadvertently conspire to milk the rest of the world to no purpose. The algorithms learned to trip the circuit breakers at the correct millisecond to seize the profit. If the frequency of the trades is hindered, then some other parameter, like the timing of trades will be automatically manipulated and refined so as to take an advantage. This cat and mouse game can and is going on endlessly. Overthrowing the pattern of the financial servers is the only means back to a truer from of democratic capitalism.

It is our common shared illusion that we imagine the data that computers and financial servers hold as a substance, like some natural resource waiting to be mined from the ground. The information that drives our automated culture comes from you and me, we the people, in the form of massive dumps of data. It is understood as an elaborate form of string pulling, or sophisticated puppetry, creating a daunting successor reality in information. The irony is real, since mankind has become psychologically victimized by the very technological innovations that we have created. It is an ambiguous irony however, because it isn’t clear to us how much choice we truly had. Once the tracks of life are changed, we lose the ability to grasp what we may have forgotten from a previous period. We have all become lost in the process of growing up.

The very idea of artificial intelligence gives humans the cover to avoid accountability by kidding ourselves that computer networks and machines can take on more and more of our own responsibility. Algorithms don’t represent emotion or meaning, but only statistics and correlations. The financial servers that drive them are narcissists; dumb to where value comes from. It is impossible for high frequency trading to incorporate information about the real world, because there is no time for that information to get into the feedback loop. Digital information after all, is just people in disguise. In this way, digital modernity resembles a sort of soft blackmail. Once we become accustomed to having an information service, our cognitive styles and capacities become shaped by the availability of that service.

Our transition from childhood to adulthood is important to reflect upon. None of us really knows what was lost in process of growing up. Our minds can’t realize the mentality in which our childhood memories were so very meaningful. Technological change has put generations of adults through similar gaps and disruptions in our cognitions. We are all the reverse images of unimaginable epochs of cruelty and heartbreak. We can’t begin to know fully what we have lost as society becomes more technological. We are in persistent doubt of our own authenticity and essence. The recent breakdowns in finance capital can be seen as the symptoms of a false hope that information technology can make promises on its own, without people, without judgment. Sometimes, the devil we know is probably not as scary as one we don’t. The more a culture bases itself on a perverted model of automation and efficiency, the greater the potential for sudden breakouts of evil.

In Greek mythology, Homer warned the sailors not to succumb to the call of the sirens, but he was totally complacent about Hephaestus’s golden female robots. Today however, the sirens might be even more in their organic form, for it is then that we are really most looking at ourselves in disguise. It was not the sirens that Homer warned of, who harmed the sailors, but the sailor’s inability to think rationally. So it is with us and our computational machines. Every bit in a computer is a potential wannabe demon.

Today, we have a sad Corona culture where the biblical Cain is still killing his brother. The Book of Genesis gave us the creation of the universe, the illicit acquisition of knowledge, the expulsion from Paradise, and the slaying of Abel by Cain, a second fall from grace into jealousy, competition, alienation and violence. When God asks Cain, where his brother is, Cain responds, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” He refuses to say what God already understands: That the spoiled blood of Abel cries out from the earth that has absorbed it. He is also raising one of the greatest perennial social questions: are we beholden to one another, must we take care of each other, or is it every man for himself?

If John Maynard Keynes the great and prescient demand side economist had seen the emergence of such machines as ENIAC and their eventual computational power, he would have known his mission was doomed. He would have seen that judgment would become overwhelmed by efficiency. He had once said, that “ judgment is to capitalism what the secret police are to a totalitarian state. “Without judgment,” he stated, “you will have financial anarchy or worse.”

Keynes likened it to what happened in the 14th century, when the black plague came off a boat in Venice, as a germ no bigger than a pinhead in the blood of a rat. That rat found another rat to bite, or a person. And so it went. Within ten years, a third of Europe was gone, bringing about the power of labor and the Enlightenment.

Now, the people once again “suffer as they must,” and deal with the lack of judgement, the biological manipulation of nature that has brought us the pandemic, the plague of Corona, and a digitized election process and body politic that has vomited up a despicable sloth like Trump.

Let’s hope, let’s work like hell, to bring back the power of labor, and a new forever enduring Enlightenment, a new People’s Party, that brings back right judgement, and a progressive proportional tax system and economic justice for all.

“So what else can you tell me about yourself, do you repent for any of your sins.” St. Peter finally asks after some lengthy thought about Joe. “Not much more,” Donald J. said, “I led a very good life, taking care of my wealthy friends.” “Our earth Angels have reported that you have committed thousands of lies, misdeeds and crimes against humanity. Do you want to elaborate?”

Donald J. remained long silent, his head held high in proud disdain. “Well, let me ask you some important questions then,” St. Peter said sternly.

Is it true you’ve been a grifter and a con artist all your life? Is it true that you have been working with organized crime families in building your New Jersey casino and New York hotels? Can you explain your relationship with the Scarfo crime family construction companies and the Genovese crime family concrete companies? What is your explanation for using illegal Polish immigrants for labor in building the casino in New Jersey, paying them only 5 dollars an hour?

Can you explain all your extramarital affairs including an affair with a minor provided by your friend Jeffrey Epstein? How do you explain forcefully raping your first wife Ivanka, ripping out chunks of her hair, making her lock herself in the bathroom? Why would you ban blacks from renting your apartment properties in New York City?

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Please explain your relationship to Deutsche Bank and the money they loaned on your failing real estate properties. Can you explain the apparent suicide of Thomas Bowers, a Deutsche Bank executive who oversaw your loans, in Malibu California in November of 2019?

You have been criminally cited in numerous cases of bank fraud, wire fraud and tax fraud. You have been criminally accused of at least 15 cases of violating the Hatch Act. Can you please respond to these accusations? Who do you own 400 million dollars to?

Can you explain your deliberate indifference to human life, like the abandonment of the Kurds, slaying thousands? Can you explain your demands to open up the state of Florida, in spite of warnings of new deaths due to Covid-19? Are the profits of your golf courses more important to you than the sanctity for human lives?

Our angels tell us you are more than 1.1 trillion in debt and no lenders will deal with you any more, and you will resort to any connivance, blackmail, extortion, and money laundering in order to secure your bankrupt financial condition.

The outright lies, misstatements and deceptions you have told daily now after nearly 4 years amounts to 21,445. How can you explain this, how can you call yourself a man of any conscience, how can you have any respect for yourself?

Please explain yourself Mr. J.

The long defiant resistance to speak continued. St. Peter thought he would make one more effort to strike a nerve, and get this psychotic narcissist to talk, to show any resentment, in the vain hope of any possible redemption.

Did you know Larry Silverstein, owner of the Twin Towers in New York City that were destroyed on 9/11? Donald J’s head still held high in righteous defiance quickly turned and stared at St. Peter, his face glaring at him in shock.

“How do you know about Silverstein,” J. finally uttered, eyebrows arched in surprise.

“We know everything Mr. J. Our earthly angels are wiser than all the world over.”

“Silverstein, he made a huge profit on fire insurance through AIG. He knew what was coming. He doubled down on insurance. The half trillion bond redemption, money laundering scam and criminal conspiracy, the biggest money con in history, didn’t keep Larry from making money,” Donald J. confessed with a half-way grin.

“And then the Wall Street “big short” of 2008, and the subprime mortgage scam, and the trillions in bail out to banks and insurance companies,” Mr. J. said, nearly breaking a smile. “Wall Street is an extortion racket and I should know. It’s an extortion racket that imposes huge unbearable costs on the government and society, while serving no beneficial function, or judgement, other than to themselves,” showing a sliver of consciousness, from the itinerant narcissist, St. Peter mused. “Wall Street CEOs played dumb,” he continued, “but they knew all about the money laundering on 9/11, the ten year treasury bonds that helped destroy Russia economically, so they cleverly created the hypothecated mortgage derivatives con. They got their payback for keeping silent on the treasury redemptions.”

“The Establishment CIA and NSA and it’s security chiefs know what they are doing,” Mr. J. said solemnly. “They had meetings with me nearly everyday and told me what to think and say, or else they would expose my tax records and my money laundering through my hotels. It’s the super-secret CIA, that controls and informs every other government bureaucracy. They control me, always have.”

“The top cops of the FBI have always had an accommodation with the bosses of organized crime, and the CIA runs the world’s illicit arms for drug business, and the Pentagon illegally invades and destroys foreign nations so corporations can steal everything the people in those nations own. Jeffrey Epstein was a CIA operative and a protege of Robert Maxwell. Maxwell was an agent of Israeli Mossad and was distributing Promis computer spyware around the world for the CIA. He knew too much and had to be killed. He was drowned, off his yacht in 1991. His daughter Ghislaine, fled to New York and became Epstein’s girlfriend, helping him run his high society pimping and blackmail operation. Epstein had to be silenced too. He knew too much.”

There was a long eerie period of silence, Donald J’s head hung low.

“Covid is the national emergency they have long planned with the WHO,” Mr. J. continued. “Their plan is for the people to become more terrified than ever. The definition of a terrorist will be expanded to include people deemed dangerous to public order. The CIA will activate assassination “sleeper cell” units within “patriotic” front organizations it has placed around the country. They will plant plastic explosives in school buses, as provocations to call in the militarized police. Property values will plummet, blood will run in the streets, while the rich will be safely protected in their pre-secure islands or gated estates, while buying everything on the cheap. Midnight arrests and disappearances into administrative detention centers will become commonplace. This is their plan, they call it the Phoenix future.”

“I was always their dupe, something they planned in the Pentagon as a psychological operation of gradualism, the dumbing down of the American public. I was to represent the worst of the worst, to subtly indoctrinate the people into accepting in the future the personalities and politics of the “least worst” candidates, slowly destroying civil liberties.”

St. Peter continued to ponder Donald’s plight. After a few more moments Donald J. finally asserts. “You know my rich people on Wall Street that I gave big tax breaks owe me favors. I could make your job a whole lot easier. I can easily have them create an algorithm for you, to make your job of judgement really simple,” he said with smug pride.


St. Peter looked incredulously at the pathetic orange buffoon and then gazed skyward. The thunderbolt of lightning was sudden, swift and direct. Donald J’s fate was finally determined.

Judgement Day!

Tim Duff