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Someone we've come to admire deeply cooked up this scheme to ask his supporters to donate just $27 to his campaign.

dick & sharon

Not a million dollars slipped under the door by right-wing plutocrats. Not even $50,000 for a plate—probably a plate of something really delicious—at some celebrity's Westside manor.

Just $27 from workaday supporters. As you know, the result was YUUUUGE!

By last March 1st, Bernie Sanders had raised 4 million individual donations averaging $27—and the political world was set on its ear.

As the worthy battle goes on to overturn the wrongheaded Citizens United decision, which opened the floodgates for the very richest among us to "own" our political processes, Bernie's small-dollar donor campaign showed candidates and voters alike a better way.

Now LA Progressive doesn't have 4 million subscribers and wouldn't know what to do with the hundreds of millions of dollars Bernie's campaign ultimately raised.

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But if even a quarter of our subscribers could send us a "Bernie-friendly" $27, our boat would be floated, as they say.

Like Bernie's different kind of presidential campaign, LA Progressive offers a different kind of social justice magazine. Help us keep fighting for the kind of progressive causes the mainstream media, deep-pocketed plutocrats, and party insiders so quickly dismiss.

Please do what you can—donate, subscribe, or contribute at any rate you find appropriate.


Dick Price and Sharon Kyle
Editor & Publisher