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Heal and Unify America With Bold Change

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

“We must heal and unify our divided nation. We must look forward, not back.”

We can’t look forward, of course, until we address past behavior, and that means accountability for those who have done the most to tear this nation apart.

But aside from that, the main reason folks everywhere along the political spectrum are hurting and divided to begin with is because their most basic needs are not being met, not only during the pandemic or these past four years, but for many decades.

If all you can bring is misery each time you make an “improvement,” you can’t possibly win over voters. To heal and unify, you must address the basic needs of the American people.

“We don’t want to be radical like the right has been. We see how dangerous radical policies are.”

Poll after poll shows that the majority of Americans support universal healthcare. That’s not radical.

We cannot heal and unify our nation without enacting BOLD change.

Do “liberals” and “progressives” want a life without debt? Why, yes, we do.

But “conservatives” and “independents” aren’t crazy about a lifetime of debt, either. Not for themselves, anyway.

Both the incoming administration and Congress must understand that tuition-free college and vocational training help all voters. Well, at least 99% of them. But if those in Washington, or in state legislatures, are worried about that top 1%, perhaps you’re not truly concerned about healing and unifying the American people.

We cannot move forward as a nation unless we address our voting crisis. Every adult must be registered automatically. If we want to require special ID, that ID must also be provided by the government. We must eliminate gerrymandering from both the right and left. We must abolish the Electoral College. Paper ballots that provide a paper trail are absolutely essential.

“Radical policies will divide us.”

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If your policy is to abolish the minimum wage or ban unions, then yes, you’d be right. But if your policies work to improve the lives of the working class and middle class, if your policies provide healthcare for all who need it, ensure an educated, skilled workforce, guarantee that all votes are counted equally and every election result easily verified, you will bring healing and unification.

We can be sure, of course, the top 1% won’t like us. Perhaps not even the top 5%. But we’ll have the support of everyone else.

Many on the right have been brainwashed—sorry, there’s no better term—to believe that twenty years of student loan debt is a plus. They’ve been brainwashed not to believe the science proving climate change. A good many Democrats have been brainwashed as well, to believe that it’s more important not to go against Republican talking points than it is to make life better for voters.

So we’ll need to work with cult deprogrammers—I’m not being sarcastic—and use emotional appeals in addition to logic.

But if Democrats are not up to the challenge, why do you think we’d ever vote for you or your party again?

Those on the right will protest when you make bold policy changes. But unless you really haven’t been paying attention, you know they’ll protest even when you make tiny ones. Accept that and make the changes we need, the changes we voted you in to make.

The new administration can only be sure of its power in the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives for the next two years. And if you don’t act boldly right from the start, you’ll never accomplish anything at all.

You’ll have failed voters on all sides. Democrats will lose faith and Republicans won’t be won over. You’ll lose majorities in the 2022 elections, and you’ll embolden a stronger and more dangerous “conservative” to replace the one we just voted out.

We all need bold action on the climate crisis. But if you do no more than ban fracking and coal mining, you’ll only have addressed a small part of the problem. You must retrain and find other jobs for displaced workers.

If you want compliance when you close small businesses because of the pandemic, you must pay people to stay home and stay closed.

If all you can bring is misery each time you make an “improvement,” you can’t possibly win over voters.

Johnny Townsend

If you want to heal and unify, and we all hope you do, you must address the basic needs of the American people.

Johnny Townsend