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Everyone knows that a good diet and exercising daily can keep the heart-healthy. Following a healthy lifestyle may seem complicated, but it is actually not.

Keep Your Body Healthy

Leading a healthy life doesn’t have to be complicated. For some people, getting in shape sounds like a time-wasting long term process. More often than not people end up getting caught up in the numerous number of suggestions that they hear. Thus, it is recommended to seek proper nutrition tips from specialists. Apollo hospital Delhi, Sarita vihar is one of the many facilities which houses a panel of adept and well-experienced dieticians and nutrition experts who can provide the most appropriate suggestions for the overall well-being of a person.

Here are some commonly advised tips to keep yourself healthy:

1. Exercise Daily

A person must exercise at least an hour a day. Some moderate physical activity is enough in everyday life. If a person wants to shed a few pounds fast, he/she may exercise a higher-level intensity workout. For instance, he/she can go for jogging and set precise intervals to sprint during the hour or go on a walk at a brisk pace hour.

Make sure that he/she may not experience severe pain during the workout. It is natural that the muscles may ache after a high-intensity workout. This may seem irritating but it means that the body is changing for the better. It is good to add foods with a decent amount of protein in the diet, stay hydrated and stretch. The protein will help in rebuilding muscles.

2. Portion the Meal and Eat Right Food

It is good to opt for fruits and vegetables when getting into shape. For example, Apples are one of the good options in making the stomach feel full for up to 3 to 4 hours. Green vegetables such as broccoli and beans help in keeping the digestive system clean and running. No matter how much the stomach is craving to have candy over healthy food, it is better to stay away from sweets. Sugarcandy will not help a person to stay in shape. One candy bar will eventually lead to another one.

Stick to lean meats like chicken and turkey. Seafood such as tilapia and shrimp are also some of the good substitutes. These food items are loaded with protein and essential nutrients that help to keep muscles fit and prepared for workouts. Additionally, it is better to be sure about the portion that has been taking in a meal. Portioning meals helps in maintaining a good metabolism. One should not eat large meals instead, it is a good practice to have smaller portions in larger meals.

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3. Keep Record of Food and Calories Intake Per Day

It is good to keep a record of how much calories a person is eating in a day. It will be helpful in planning out the physical exercising. Losing weight and striving for a skinnier physique involves more physical exercise than calories a person ingest.

4. Be Sure to Get Sleep

Everybody works for eight-hours a day or night, but it is crucial to sleep enough to charge the body properly. Six to eight hours of sleep helps in keeping the body active throughout the day, but if a person happens to feel tired at any point, it is good to take a small nap.

It’s advised to make time for good, quality sleep.

If a person is not able to sleep properly, there are various ways which may help to improve it:

  1. Avoid coffee before sleeping.
  2. Try to sleep in complete darkness, with no artificial lightings.
  3. Try to go to bed and wake up at same times every day.
  4. Dim the lights in the house a few hours before bedtime.

5. Avoid Excess Stress

For a healthy lifestyle, a wholesome diet, quality sleep, and regular exercise are very important. But the way a person feels and think is also important. Being stressed all the time is a disaster. Excessive stress may raise the cortisol level in the body and impair the metabolism. It may also increase junk food cravings, fat in the stomach area and raise the risk of various disease in the body.

Overcoming the stress makes the person healthier and improves life in other ways.

Rimi Das