“Word Cloud:” Your Brain On CNN

Any viewers of cable news, who for even one silly second doubted corporate media’s desire to fry the brain of its audience and render it hopelessly confused, need only to have seen tonight’s bizarro ‘WORD CLOUD” on CNN. In fact, if you weren’t privy to this visual catastrophe of upside down sideways multicolored multi-sized words in incomprehensible disorder, permit me to introduce you to “WORD CLOUD” or YOUR BRAIN ON CNN:

What the hell was CNN thinking? This master-mush of nonsense was CNN Vice President David Bohrman’s advance visual interpretation of the focal points of Barack Obama’s opening remarks for his second prime time press conference, gleaned from the preview copy of the speech sent to CNN. Really, Mr. Bohrman?! That hodgepodge of confusion was YOUR representation of the lucidity of President Obama? Methinks, sir, you are perhaps the victim of too many word games and fantasy films and in desperate need of a dose of reality and a sugar cube of truth.

Sadly, Mr. Bohrman, you didn’t serve the veracity of news any better on election night November 4th, 2008, with your hologram foray into Star Wars than you did tonight with your wall of jibberish. In your election night conflation of fantasy and reality, you dissed reality to beam celebrities from Chicago to CNN for illusory interviews by anchors. While I love technology and applaud its advances, for me, sir, holograms are NOT meant for news. News is reality. It’s not illusion or sleight of hand.

Here’s a video of Mr. Bohrman after the Obama election discussing his hologram process with Wolf Blitzer.

For what it’s worth, Mr. Bohrman, Star Wars creator, George Lucas, is a genius – but Mr. Lucas doesn’t produce the news. In news an interviewee should be present in REAL form. In fantasy the interviewee can be a talking shark. They just AIN’T THE SAME!!

For some bizarre reason, Mr. Bohrman, based on your hologram and your ‘WORD CLOUD,” you and CNN seem to believe that news is well-served as a nonsensical portrait of words or fantastical recreations of people. Well, Mr. Bohrman and CNN, here’s some NEWS for you. REAL news isn’t fantasy. Real news isn’t supplanted images and incomprehensible collages. Real news demands reality delivered factually and comprehensibly. Furthermore, real news doesn’t include placing on your schedule hyperbolic megalomaniacs who advance their personal causes – Lou Dobbs being CNN’s principal example.

Finally, I am clearly not alone in recognizing the silliness and unintelligibility of the “WORD CLOUD.” Note the response of Anderson Cooper and his fellow CNN-ers (all members of CNN’s shamelessly self-described “Best Political Team On Television”). Notice their inability to shield their amusement and probable embarrassment over the sheer idiocy of the “WORD CLOUD.”

CNN and Vice President Bohrman, do you truly believe we viewers are dumb enough to accept a bizarre word scramble as the thesis of a literate and clear thinking President ? Do you truly believe you respected our intelligence and our knowledge by displaying a condescending collage absent even one complete thought?

linda_milazzo.jpgWell here’s news for you, Cable News Network — this viewing public ain’t buyin’ it. Either you step up to our level of intelligence or we’re going to see that you’re gone. We’ve had our fill of your attempts to dumb us down. You blindly cheered a President for eight long years who brought our nation to its knees. You whored your corporate wags to bring us to war and even hired composers to score it. Despite your bombastic attempts to lead us like sheep, we have self educated through alternative media that tell us the truth. We don’t learn from you. We scoff at you. We study you – not to grow from you – but to force you to elevate — or to force you to leave.

Linda Milazzo
LA Progressive


  1. Wayne Williams says

    Brilliant and insightful… I stopped paying attention to CNN when they brought in Glen Beck… dumbing down the public is the biggest disservice the cable network has done… You nail it simply Linda, CNN now stands for Cable Noise Network…. Make a choice, chose to turn it off or at the least, change the channel, and let everyone you know that its time to do the same.

  2. gwazdos says

    Furthermore, real news doesn’t include placing on your schedule hyperbolic megalomaniacs who advance their personal causes – Lou Dobbs being CNN’s principal example.____Boy, this says what i have been thinking of Lou Dobb's for quite some time. Well said. thank you.

  3. annieR says

    Thank you for this article. CNN used to be a go-to news source. Now, however, I rarely go there. Wolf Blitzer is ill-informed, and Anderson Cooper betrayed the promise he showed in his Katrina reporting. "Word Cloud" sealed the deal. No more CNN for me.

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