Nine Democratic Senators Are Wrong-Headed Bigots

same sex marriageDoesn’t matter how Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson “messages” his opposition to same-sex marriage – “Sen. Nelson strongly supports civil rights for same-sex couples, while believing marriage should be between a man and a woman . . . ” – if you oppose marriage for a segment of the population, it ain’t civil rights you’re supporting.

Isn’t this what we libs require of Republicans, that regardless of their “messaging,” it’s about what they do?  What ten Democratic Senators are doing is discriminatory, bigoted, and completely wrong-headed.

Let’s remember these Democrats’ names, shall we?

Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, Florida Senator Bill Nelson, North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp,  Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, Delaware Senator Tom Carper, South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson, Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly, and Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor.  

Oh, some of them will tell you they support civil unions, or they think people should be able to love who they want, or they believe in “civil rights” for everyone – and yet, in the same breath they support DOMA, believe same-sex marriage will somehow tarnish that holier-than-holy institution of “real” marriage, or think it’s okay that gay people hang out and, okay, maybe fall in love, as long as they don’t have the temerity to call it “marriage.”

Most of us, whether gay or straight – at least, most of us who believe in civil rights for all, who don’t support discrimination, and who believe it’s none of our business who others love, sleep with or marry – don’t think this whole same-sex marriage issue is a zero sum game.  Encouraging same-sex couples to marry isn’t exacting any toll on heterosexual marriages, like there are some kind of marriage points to earn; there’s plenty of marriage-ness to go around.  In fact, there’s infinite marriage-ness – so much, in fact, that heteros (like myself) engage in it multiple times during their lifetimes.

And some of these same people (Rush Limbaugh, four times married, comes to mind) seek to deny a same-sex couple one single marriage?

If your best friend marries a guy you don’t like,  you say, well, I don’t know what she sees in him, but if she’s happy, I’m happy – and I don’t have to marry him (and then you talk trash about him when they get divorced).  You don’t run out and try to pass a law against women marrying icky guys.

julie driscollNobody – nobody – can claim to support civil rights for all and oppose same-sex marriage.  Nobody can claim to be gay-friendly and still insist that same-sex couples get “civilly united” instead of married.  Nobody can claim “family values” if that term is not all-inclusive to include all types of families, including families headed by same-sex couples.

All nine of these so-called Democratic Senators need to be placed squarely in the middle of the political chopping block.  ”Civil rights for all” is not some “messaging” trick we’re going to fall for.  Republicans already tried that – and look how it worked out for them.

Julie Driscoll
Smoking Hot Politics

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


  1. two crows says

    I had no idea my Senator [Nelson of Florida] was against civil rights for all his constituents. Before completing the article, I went to his website and shot off an email to him explaining that the price of my support is HIS support of equality for all.

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