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Donna Perdue and Ronnie Penson

I simply want to share one simple photo with you that I had someone take for me today while I was working as a “Houdini/Line Manager” here in Cleveland’s Ward 5…a very TOUGH area that got 18% turnout in 2004. We had just over 55% this year!

It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. Ronnie Penson is 105 years old. She first voted for Franklin Roosevelt and told me she has always been proud to be American and believed this day would come before she died. She said she could feel the ground rumble beneath her feet when she filled in that bubble next to Obama’s name. “It rumbled through my heart,” she said. God Bless Her!

I haven’t stopped crying since I heard Ohio , even my “super bubba” former home, Tuscarawas County, went blue for Obama! They called me numerous times through the evening and expressed concern because it “wasn’t looking good” in Ohio.

As I watched the poll workers fumble with the many steps in the process, I cried…knowing what their hard work would mean to so many throughout the country.

I cried thinking of my beautiful black girlfriends I met in the Marine Corps. I cried for their many trials and tribulations as they fought for equality as black women.

I cried for my black son who truly will never know how tough it could have been for him if not for the many sacrifices of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Jesse Jackson, and so many nameless others. He will never truly understand the pain each of them experienced as they walked across the hot coals of racism in America.

And now, we have President-elect Barack Obama standing before us, a unifier and a dream weaver whose impact is yet unknown. It’s time to wipe my tears and let the joy in my heart shine through my life.

God Bless You All…now get some rest tonight…we’ve got work to do tomorrow! Barack Obama is going to need our help taking our country back!


Donna Perdue

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  1. Kalel xxx says

    It never cesses to amaze me… People say they can change, but do they really ever change? It saddens me to acually have to feel joy due to this revelation for so many people… He was the better man and he won. Let him have this, and stop making it cheap by writing articles that celebrate some type of Black Oppression that has been lifted. God Bless your son.

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